What are we drinking this month?

Each month we’ll highlight what we’re liking with a quick rundown about why. There’s nothing really special here, it’s just what we happen to be drinking. It might be old, it might be new, it might be hard to get, it might be easy.

Take a look at previous beers of the month.

Colonial Brewing Company Bert

Beer of the Month – November 2016

BertThe Colonial Brewing Company runs a number of projects. For example, one of these projects was the Project #21 Reuben Sandwich. These beers are limited releases either in time or place. There’s something special about Colonial’s Project Beers. Not to say that their core range isn’t special. Those are pretty good too.

Another one of their Project Beers, and the subject of this month’s beer of the month, is Colonial’s Australian Pale Ale, the Bert, also known as Project #22. Why is this one special? Well, it’s brewed in collaboration with the Royal Albert Hotel in Sydney. Anyone who’s been following our Twitter feed will know that the Crew are regulars at the Albert’s weekly quiz night, and we have been for a few months now.

As with the Reuben Sandwich, the Bert was brewed for Good Beer Week, which is about when we stumbled upon it. So while the Bert isn’t the newest or the fanciest beer out there, it’s a special and reliable beer that can often be found on tap at the Royal Albert, and maybe some other places around.

It’s Pretty Australian

The beer was brewed to be a more Australian version of the mighty Feral Hop Hog. Something with a whole bunch of hops, but also something very Australian.

We couldn’t find a list of the hops that are in this beer, but from the first sip it’s full of Australian goodness. It’s a relatively bitter beer with a mouth coating resin feeling to it. Other hop flavours include good elements of citrus and general Australian florals. While all of this sounds pretty general, it seems that the brewer just grabbed every Australian hop they could find and threw it in this beer.

Maybe that makes the beer sound a bit stereotypical, but it kind of is, but not in a bad way. Colonial Brewing set out to get the hops out there, and they really did!

A Style That’s Really Coming About

The Australian Pale Ale isn’t really a new style. However, most Pale Ales that can be found these days are American Pale Ales. Australian craft brewers, when making a Pale Ale, tend to make the American version, rather than staying true to their own routes and going with the style of their own land. That being said, while the Australian Pale Ale has been around for awhile now, it’s still appears to not be brewed quite as much as the American style.

Many beers people would associate with Australian Pale Ales are from larger breweries or use older recipes. These are along the lines of a Coopers Pale Ale, or a Fat Yak. Possibly, the style came about because of the ingredients available, as may have been the case with other regional styles of Pale Ale. But, of course, many craft breweries make Australian Pale Ales, but the emphasis seems to be on American.

So, all in all, it’s nice to see Colonial trying to take on Feral (an Australian brewery mind you) at their own game with something as big and ballsy, but with Australian hops.

The hope for us is that a beer like this becomes a bit of an example of what an Australian Pale Ale is, or could be. Especially when comparing to beers that wouldn’t necessarily be considered craft, drinkers need a better example. And this is a pretty good one.