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Beer Facts

We’ve scoured the internet for facts about beer and called the page beer facts! Want to learn important things about beer so you can impress your friends? Look no further. We have all the beer facts you’ll ever need. Feel free to comment on individual facts and discuss. You’re also welcome to contact us to submit further beer facts. We’re always adding more facts about beer, so check back often.

Beer Fact #14

Leif Ericson

Vikings would consume aul (AKA “ale”) prior to battle and then run in, often without armor or a shirt. “Berserk” is Norse for “bare shirt,” so this is where we get the term from: Vikings drinking too much beer and going into battle half naked. See all beer facts.    

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Beer Fact #13


Beer strengthens your bones! Beer has high levels of silicon. Silicon increases the deposit of calcium and other minerals into bone tissue. So for healthy bones, have a beer. See all beer facts.    

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Beer Fact #12


The more alcohol in a beer, the less stuff will float in it. The less alcohol, the more stuff will float in it. The more alcohol in a beer, the less dense it (alcohol is less dense than water). Breweries will often use a devise called a hydrometer to test a beer’s density before and […]

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Beer Fact #11


Chicha is a Peruvian beer made from corn. Yes, beer can be made from corn, or any grain really – wheat and rye being common alternatives. However, Chicha has one extra ingredient: spit. See all beer facts.    

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Beer Fact #10


If the head of the beer sticks to the side of the glass, this is called “Brussels lace.” For some this is the sign of a good quality beer. In reality though, head formation has a lot of factors like how the beer is poured, what type of glass it is, the cleanliness of the […]

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Beer Fact #9

Mushroom cloud

Beer can survive a nuclear blast. As part of nuclear testing during the Cold War, scientists dropped nuclear bombs on various things, including beer. It was found that as long as the beer was at least 1270 feet away from ground zero (and it wasn’t hit by anything), it was still safe to drink. See […]

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Beer Fact #8

Portrait of George Washington

First President of the United States, George Washington, had his own brewhouse on the grounds of his plantation in Mount Vernon. It also looks like he had a distillery on site as well! It’s still possible to visit the old plantation and take a tour of the grounds. They’ve held beer tastings there in the […]

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Beer Fact #7

John Lubbock portrait

19th century biologist, John Lubbock, studied the effects of beer on drunken ants. This was part of his greater studies into the sense organs, development, and intelligence of insects and other animals. Lubbock also had a really killer beard, as seen in the picture on this post. See all beer facts.    

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Beer Fact #6

Three flights

According to a study published by the American Journal of Epidemiology, a bottle of beer a day reduces the risk of kidney stones by 40%! So drink up (moderately). See all beer facts.    

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Beer Fact #5

Pints Brewing Company Equipment

This week is more of a quote from Dave Barry: “Not all chemicals are bad. Without chemicals such as hydrogen and oxygen, for example, there would be no way to make water, a vital ingredient in beer.” This is an important beer fact because we’re told everyday that chemicals are bad for us. But of […]

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