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We do new beer reviews around our usual blogging around general craft beer topics, and blogging about home brew. We try to add a new craft beer review at least once a month (in addition to our Beer of the Month), but sometimes more important articles get in the way. Or we’re too busy building home brew equipment or making new home brew recipes. Basically, yes, we write regular beer reviews, but there’s so much other beer related stuff going on, sometimes we miss it!

Anyway, we have quite the craft beer review archive to keep anybody busy for awhile!

April 2016 – Beer of the Month – Exit Brewing IPA

Exit Brewing IPA bottle

What are we drinking this month? Each month we’ll highlight what we’re liking with a quick rundown about why. There’s nothing really special here, it’s just what we happen to be drinking. It might be old, it might be new, it might be hard to get, it might be easy. Take a look at previous beers of the month. Exit […]

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Moon Dog Marmajuke – Beer Review

Moon Dog Marmajuke

Name: Moon Dog Marmajuke Style: Double IPA Country: Australia ABV: 8.4% Beer description:  Moon Dog are an Australian brewery that are all about trying out some different flavours and different combinations. Moon Dog are always brewing up something new and different, often with a pretty good outcome! They’re not afraid to fail, which is nice to see, because with […]

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Rogue Beard Beer – Beer Review

Rogue Beard Beer

Name: Rogue Beard Beer Style: American Wild Ale Country: U.S.A. ABV: 5.6% Beer description: Rogue Brewery is in Portland, Oregon. This beer is made in homage to legendary Brewmaster John Maier’s beard. Further than that, this beer actually uses natural yeast growing in the legend’s beard. A legendary beard on a legendary man, it stands to reason, probably has some […]

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Rogue Yellow Snow IPA – Beer Review

Rogue Yellow Snow

Name: Rogue Yellow Snow IPA Style: IPA Country: U.S.A. ABV: 6.5% Beer description: Rogue Brewery comes out of Portland, Oregon. The brewery is world famous for all the right reasons: great craft beer. Rogue’s list of beers is huge and pretty much every single one is a hit. Rogue aren’t afraid to play around a little bit, but they also know how […]

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La Sirene Wild Saison – Beer Review

La Sirene Wild Saison

Name: La Sirene Wild Saison Style: Saison Country: Australia  ABV: 6.5% Beer description: La Sirene are a craft brewery in Alphington, an area of Melbourne. The brewing ethos comes from a background in both wine making and science, so they’re the type to put care, thought, and perhaps a bit of experimentation into their brews. It’s the type of […]

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Bridge Road Brewers One Thousand – Beer Review

Bridge Road 1000 bottle

Name: Bridge Road Brewers One Thousand Style: Stout Country: Australia  ABV: 11.2% Beer description: Bridge Road Brewers are one of Australia’s dominant craft breweries and they’ve been growing more and more. They’ve grown so much in recent years that they’ve recently brewed their 1000th batch of beer! Since this was such a momentous occasion, Bridge Road Brewers decided to brew […]

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BrewDog Hoppy Christmas – Beer Review

BrewDog Hoppy Christmas bottle

Name: BrewDog Hoppy Christmas Style: Pale Ale Country: Scotland  ABV: 7.2% Beer description: BrewDog come to us from Scotland. They like to try to push flavours and pack their beers with as much as possible and try some interesting stuff. Compared to some breweries who try to push boundaries by adding weird and wonderful flavours to their beer, BrewDog tend […]

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Yeastie Boys Digital IPA – Beer Review

Yeastie Boys Digital IPA

Name: Yeastie Boys Digital IPA Style: IPA Country: New Zealand  ABV: 7.0% Beer description: Yeastie Boys are a New Zealand craft brewery who have had a fairly quick rise to fame, mostly because they make some pretty good beer. The Digital IPA is a limited release that is “all about malts and hops.” For those extremely keen, Yeastie Boys […]

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Bridge Road Brewers Harvest Fresh Hop Ale – Beer Review

Bridge Road Brewers Hop Harvest Ale

Name: Bridge Road Brewers Harvest Fresh Hop Ale Style: Ale Country: Australia  ABV: 4.4% Beer description: Bridge Road Brewers is from Beechworth in Victoria’s High Country. They’re probably the biggest brewery in the region and are known for both traditional and more experimental brews. The Harvest Ale uses fresh hops from a the near by Rostrevor hop garden. It’s a […]

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Burleigh Brewing Co My Wife’s Bitter – Beer Review

Burleigh Brewing Co My Wifes Bitter

Name: Burleigh Brewing Co My Wife’s Bitter Style: Bitter Country: Australia  ABV: 4.8% Beer description: Burleigh Brewing Co comes to us from Burleigh Heads in Queensland, Australia. Burleigh Heads is an iconic Australian surfing spot, and many of Burleigh Brewing’s beers are geared more towards the hot weather and surfing culture. While this beer is made to be a bitter, Burleigh says […]

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