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We do new beer reviews around our usual blogging around general craft beer topics, and blogging about home brew. We try to add a new craft beer review at least once a month (in addition to our Beer of the Month), but sometimes more important articles get in the way. Or we’re too busy building home brew equipment or making new home brew recipes. Basically, yes, we write regular beer reviews, but there’s so much other beer related stuff going on, sometimes we miss it!

Anyway, we have quite the craft beer review archive to keep anybody busy for awhile!

Tempo Goldstar Lager – Beer Review

Tempo Goldstar Lager

Editor’s note: special thanks to Chasing Ghosts for keeping an eye out for beer on a recent trip to Israel and then writing some reviews. Take a look at their website for some awesome photography. Name: Tempo Gold Star Lager Style: Lager Country: Israel ABV: 4.9% Beer description: Tempo Brewing is is the big brewer of Israel and Goldstar lager […]

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Black Dog Brewery Lazy Dog Ale – Beer Review

Beerporn - Black Dog Brewery Lazy Dog Ale

Name: Black Dog Brewery Lazy Dog Ale Style: Ale Country: Australia ABV: 5% Beer description: Black Dog Brewery is a small brewery in Taminick, Victoria tacked onto the Taminick Winery. Their head brewer comes from wine-maker stock and he puts a wine-maker’s care and thought into his beers. The beer pours with a great off-white head that really hangs […]

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Bridge Road Brewers Umami Shiitake Ale – Beer Review

Bridge Road Umami Shiitake Ale

Name: Bridge Road Brewers Umami Shiitake Ale Style: Golden Ale Country: Australia ABV: 6% Beer description: In collaboration with 2013 Age Good Food Guide Chef of the Year Michael Ryan, Bridge Road Brewers made the Umami Shiitake Ale. The result was adding 10 kg of Shiitake mushrooms to “an otherwise basic golden ale.” Bridge Road Brewers have some great standard […]

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Brooklyn Brewery Brown Ale – Beer Review


Name: Brooklyn Brewery Brown Ale Style: Brown Ale Country: U.S.A. ABV: 5.6% Beer description: The beer pours a nice nutty brown with a light but consistent head. This beer sits well in the glass and is very enticing to look at. It looks to be a typical American brown ale and it just needs to be drunk. Sugar and spice […]

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Bridge Road/To Øl/Birra Del Borgo India Black Session Ale – Beer Review


Name: Bridge Road/To Øl/Birra Del Borgo India Black Session Ale Style: India Black Ale (IBA) Country: Australia, Denmark, and Italy ABV: 4.2% Beer description: This India Black “Session” Ale is a collaboration between three breweries from three separate countries: Bridge Road Brewers from Australia; To Øl from Denmark; and Birra Del Borgo from Italy. It was brewed special during Melbourne’s Good […]

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Mikkeller 1000 IBU – Beer Review

Beerporn - Mikkeller 1000 IBU

Name: Mikkeller 1000 IBU Style: Double IPA Country: Denmark ABV: 9.6% Beer description: Mikkeller are a Danish microbrewery. They emphasise their home brew and experimental roots and therefore come out with some pretty intense flavours sometimes. Mikkeller also do a lot of collaborations and one off brews. They’re pretty widely available at most bottle shops with a decent craft beer […]

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Baird Beer Rising Sun Pale Ale – Beer Review


Name: Baird Beer Rising Sun Pale Ale Style: Pale Ale Country: Japan ABV: 5.5% Beer description: Baird Beer comes out of Japan from husband and wife team Bryan and Sayuri Baird. Baird Beer have a good year round selection of about ten beers as well as seasonal releases. They appear to be fairly widely distributed in Japan and are very […]

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Flying Dog Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale – Beer Review

Beerporn - Dead Rise

Name: Flying Dog Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale Style: Summer Ale Country: U.S.A. ABV: 5.6% Beer description: The Dead Rise by Flying Dog showcases Old Bay seasoning.  For those not in the know of this wonderful seasoning, it’s used heavily around Maryland, U.S.A. on their wonderful blue crabs that they catch out of the Chesapeake Bay. It also goes […]

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Hawaiian Beer – Drinking in a tropical paradise

View from the hotel bar, yeah, this was a tough trip...

Hawaiian beer! OK, first of all, this wasn’t so much of a beer adventure as much of a sitting on a beach for a few days drinking Hawaiian beer. It’s kind of an adventure… maybe? Anyway, after Portland (Part 1 and Part 2), we headed to Hawaii for some down time. Hawaii has a few […]

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Big Island Brewhaus Golden Sabbath – Beer Review


Name: Big Island Brewhaus Golden Sabbath Style: Golden Ale Country: U.S.A. ABV: 8.5% Beer description: Big Island Brewhaus comes to us from the island of Hawaii. They have a decent selection of beers, but a fairly small distribution and may be difficult to find outside of Hawaii. Big Island’s Golden Sabbath is, of course, golden in colour and pours thick. […]

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