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We do new beer reviews around our usual blogging around general craft beer topics, and blogging about home brew. We try to add a new craft beer review at least once a month (in addition to our Beer of the Month), but sometimes more important articles get in the way. Or we’re too busy building home brew equipment or making new home brew recipes. Basically, yes, we write regular beer reviews, but there’s so much other beer related stuff going on, sometimes we miss it!

Anyway, we have quite the craft beer review archive to keep anybody busy for awhile!

BrewDog Dana – Beer Review

Dana IPA is Dead

Name: BrewDog Dana Style: Single Hop IPA (India Pale Ale) Country: Scotland ABV: 6.7% Beer description: This beer is part of BrewDog’s IPA is Dead series which showcases four different single hops IPA’s from four different continents.  In this case, the hop, Dana, is from Slovenia.  Single hopped beers are a great way to show off a hop but can often […]

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3 Ravens English – Beer Review


Name: 3 Ravens English Style: ESB Country: Australia ABV: 4.5% Beer description: There aren’t enough extra special bitters coming out these days, very often they’re just lumped in as with the ales or an English ale, or sometimes an amber ale, but a bitter is actually quite a bit different.  There are Brits out there who will swear by a […]

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Karl Strauss Tower 10 IPA – Beer Review


Name: Karl Strauss Tower 10 IPA Style: IPA (India Pale Ale) Country: U.S.A. ABV: 7.0% Beer description: One of the great things about Karl Strauss beers are the labels and the names.  Of course, great labels and names aren’t unique to Karl Strauss, but their’s are particularly good.  Each beer has a name with a story attached to it, and […]

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Mornington Peninsula Brown – Beer Review


Name: Mornington Peninsula Brown Style: Brown Ale Country: Australia ABV: 5.0 % Beer description: Oh brown ales!  A good brown ale can often be just right: a porter or stout may be too heavy, but you want a little malt and quite a bit of body.  Go for a brown ale.  Browns can often have the best of both worlds […]

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Oakham Ales Citra – Beer Review


Name: Oakham Ales Citra Style: American Pale Ale (single hop) Country: England ABV: 4.6% Beer description: As the name would suggest, this is a single hop beer using only Citra hops.  Single hop beers can be very difficult.  While they highlight a hop and many of the strengths of that hop are brought out, without other hops in there […]

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Mash Brewing Co Challenger English IPA – Beer Review


Name: Mash Brewing Co Challenger English IPA Style: English IPA Country: Australia ABV: 5.8% Beer description: First impressions: a great nose full of orange, apricot and other citrus; it’s a huge aroma and it’s great.  This is backed up with a little bit of caramel and vanilla.  There’s an earth quality about it that is really satisfying.  All in all, […]

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Killer Sprocket Amber Ale – Beer Review

Beerporn Killer Sprocket Amber Ale

Name: Killer Sprocket Amber Ale Style: Amber ale Country: Australia ABV: 4.8% Beer description: This is a great beer, just well balanced and drinkable, interesting enough to sit on but still fairly sessionable. The beer has some great aromas.  The main thing that comes through is a little bit of spice, malt, and some burnt chocolate.  As the […]

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Bridge Road Bling IPA – Beer Review


Name: Bridge Road Bling IPA Style: IPA (India Pale Ale) Country: Australia ABV: 5.8% Beer description: Bridge Road typically does some very good stuff, and they don’t disappoint with this beer.  It’s pretty dark considering IPA stands for India Pale Ale, but that can be the case sometimes, especially if it’s on the maltier side. Sweet, citrusy, and just a little […]

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3 Ravens White – Beer Review


Name: 3 Ravens White Style: Witbier Country: Australia ABV: 4.5% Beer description: This is a traditional Belgian Witbier, and the first thing that can be noticed is the aroma, even at arm’s length!  While a little bit more head was expected in the pour, this beer doesn’t disappoint. According to the label, coriander and citrus peel are added to the […]

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Young Henry’s Hop Ale – Beer Review


Name: Young Henry’s Hop Ale Style: English IPA Country: Australia ABV: 6% Beer description: Being and English IPA, it’s a lot more laid back than what many people have come to expect in an IPA.  The aroma is relatively mild with zesty citrus smells with hints of caramel and biscuit.  Once it warms up, flower and bitterness smells come through as […]

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