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We do new beer reviews around our usual blogging around general craft beer topics, and blogging about home brew. We try to add a new craft beer review at least once a month (in addition to our Beer of the Month), but sometimes more important articles get in the way. Or we’re too busy building home brew equipment or making new home brew recipes. Basically, yes, we write regular beer reviews, but there’s so much other beer related stuff going on, sometimes we miss it!

Anyway, we have quite the craft beer review archive to keep anybody busy for awhile!

Karl Strauss Pintail Pale Ale – Beer Review


Name: Karl Strauss Pintail Pale Ale Style: American Pale Ale Country: U.S.A. ABV: 5.3% Beer description: On first impressions, this beer is a great balance between a standard, simple, pale ale with a bit of something to keep you interested.  As described in the label, Karl Strauss Brewing Company set up “make a session beer with huge hop flavours” and […]

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Yo-Ho Tokyo Black – Beer Review


Name: Yo-Ho Tokyo Black Style: Porter Country: Japan ABV: 5% Beer description: The beer is served in a can which is quite surprising and unique since it’s a porter!  Most craft beers don’t come in a can but it’s becoming more common here and there, mostly as something novel.  The beer also had a fair amount of head, which is […]

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Rogue Dead Guy – Beer Review


Name: Rogue Dead Guy Style: Ale Country: U.S.A. ABV: 6.5% Beer description: First of all, the beer style listed here is an ale: the brewery refers to it as the Dead Guy Ale, but also lists its style as a German Maibock which is a lager style.  However, after a tiny bit of research, the yeast used (Pacman) is […]

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3 Ravens 55 – Beer Review


Name: 3 Ravens 55 Style: American Pale Ale Country: Australia ABV: 5.0% Beer description: The first thing to notice about this beer is the aroma!  Pouring the beer a wonderful aroma immediately comes out, even at arms length.  It was a great beer to pour.  With this is an altogether hoppy beer, the aroma is more malt driven.  The beer […]

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Boatrocker Hop Bomb IPA – Beer Review


Name: Boatrocker Hop Bomb IPA Style: IPA (India Pale Ale) Country: Australia ABV: 6.5% Beer description: According to the brewery, the Hop Bomb is brewed to the U.S. West Coast style of IPA; this is a style that has really popularized craft beer.  It certainly is to style, and, for good or bad, it’s not the most creative interpretation of […]

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Burleigh Brewing Co 28 Pale Ale – Beer Review


Name: Burleigh Brewing Co 28 Pale Ale Style: Pale Ale Country: Australia ABV: 4.8% Beer description: Described by the brewer as “70’s style” pale ale, this beer is very traditional.  It’s refreshing to see a brewery attempt a standard but good beer.  Standard does not necessarily mean “boring piss,” and Burleigh have done quite well in making an old school […]

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