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Naming Conventions

Have you ever wanted to know why a particular kind of beer has its name? Some beers have strange names beyond “ale” or “lager” and the story behind the name of a beer style is usually pretty interesting. This section gives some great beer history that supplements our Beer Facts section with more in depth discussion.

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What is export strength beer?


Jumping further into exploring beer naming conventions, we decided to research where the term export strength comes from in beer. We’ve all seen it on a variety of beer, whether it be a macro-brewed beer or even a craft beer, we see a label that either says “Beer Name Export Strength” or “Beer Name Export.” […]

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Where does the term Tripel come from?

Glass of Westmalle Trippel

The Tripel is a Belgian style of beer known for being golden in colour, complex, and quite strong. Many assume that this is an extremely old style of beer, however, while it does have its origins in traditional Belgian brewing, the first and most famous example of this beer didn’t come about until the 1930’s, […]

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Why is an X Used Sometimes for Beer Strength?

Moonshine jug

We’ve all seen it in old cartoons and movies, usually as a joke, a jug of liquor that says “XXXX” on it. It’s usually moonshine or something strong like that. Sometimes in a cartoon or movie the “XXX” is on beer as well. The X’s on alcoholic beverages actually has some truth to it. And […]

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Where Does the Term Growler Come From?

Tru Bru Growler

For many craft beer drinkers a growler is a great way to drink beer at home. Firstly, not all beer is available in bottles or cans, secondly, picking up a growler is as close as many of us can get to having taps in our houses. A good growler should keep beer relatively fresh and […]

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What is a Steam Beer?

Logo of an Anchor Steam Beer

A Steam Beer, also referred to as a California Common, or even sometimes a Steam Ale is a an interesting style of beer that is losing its history quickly these days. Technically (if we’re talking proper yeasts), a Steam Beer/California Common is a lager, but there’s quite a bit about its production that makes it […]

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Why is it Called IPA?

Beerporn - St Peters India Pale Ale

IPAs (or India Pale Ales) are one of the most popular beer styles today, but where does the name IPA come from? There are a few popular more well know stories out there, and, as we’ve done with finding out why it’s named porter, and why it’s named bitter, we’ll drill down why the beer style […]

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Why is it called porter?

Beerporn - Bourbon Porter

After reading a great rundown of the difference between porter and stout, a little bit of research needed to be done on why porter is called porter. The reasons behind the naming of stout will surely come next, but for now, let’s stick with porter. Firstly, what is a porter? The linked article gives a […]

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Beer naming conventions – the hop explosion


Craft beer naming conventions can go a few ways. The brewery will often go with a theme for their beer names, sometimes giving a story behind each beer. Sometimes breweries just stay “boring” and stick with conventional names like “pale ale,” or “amber ale.” Sometimes the naming convention is all in all random. The thing […]

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Why is it called bitter?


I got a question from my father via Facebook.  It read: “So, Esteemed Malted One, why do they call it bitter?” After all, a “bitter” isn’t particularly bitter compared to other beers.  Bitters are often described as a beer style fairly balanced between malt and hops. In my opinion, I find them on the maltier […]

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