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Let’s Talk Hops December 2016 – Cascade Hop Profile

Cascade hops in the sun

December is upon us so it’s time to do a hop profile. This month we’re doing a Cascade hop profile! Honestly, we’re kind of surprised we haven’t done this one yet… after all, it’s Cascade! We use it in our own beer, enjoy it in many American style beers, and more. Cascade is such a […]

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How the Pickle Turned Out

Wort boiling on the balcony

It’s been a bit of busy one of late, hence the lack on content. Just over a month ago, Chas and Dr. Worm Boy made a Saison, and then things got busy with the whole crew. People were travelling, there was Sydney Craft Beer Week going, etc. etc. So not a lot of writing going […]

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Let’s Talk Hops November 2016 – Enigma Hop Profile

Bridge Road Enigma Pilsener

It’s time to talk hops with an Enigma hop profile. Enigma is an Australian hop cultivated by Hop Products Australia (HPA). According to HPA, Enigma had a small planting in Tasmania until 2013, when, due to its success, they expanded it. The larger crop was ready by 2015, which may explain why it’s being seen a […]

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Staying Clean in Home Brewing – When is it too much?

Wort getting chilled with a worth chiller

If you’re a home brewer or the friend of a home brewer, you’ll know that many of us are very into staying clean when on the cold side of things. Some of us are cleaner than others. And for those who sit in the “wrong camp,” you’ll get criticism. Which is the wrong camp? Well, it depends […]

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Brewing With The Worm

Pickle in the Rye logo

Dr. Worm Boy has been a friend for awhile, and we’ve been trying to get organised and do a brew day ever since we moved to Sydney. With the Beer Muse away for the weekend, Chas figured it was a good time to do one together. Chas and Dr. Worm Boy have fairly different brewing […]

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Let’s Talk Hops October 2016 – Mosaic Hop Profile

Hop cones

Let’s talk hops with a profile of Mosaic, and American hop that, being released on 2012, is relatively new on the scene. Here we’ll talk a little bit of the flavours in Mosaic, some of its uses, and anything else we can think of. Mosaic hops were bread from Simcoe  and Nugget by the Hop […]

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Home Brew Update

Grain mill

For those who read about our difficult brew day about a month ago, you may be wondering what happened with that beer! Well (spoiler alert), it turned out quite drinkable, albeit a little bit cloudy and bitter as we didn’t get the brew cold fast enough due to dilemmas with the wort chiller. Unfortunately though, […]

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New Home Brewers Shouldn’t Start With a Lager

Wort boiling on the balcony

If you’ve had your first brew day, your first beer was probably an extract kit, and that first beer was probably a Lager. Or maybe you took a look at our article on getting started in home brewing and you’re curious about what that first extract kit should be. That first brew day is a […]

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Let’s Talk Hops September 2016 – Sorachi Ace Hop Profile

Hops cones

Let’s talk hops with a profile of Sorachi Ace hops! We’ll talk about some of the uses for Sorachi Ace, some of the hop’s flavours, and a bit more. Sorachi Ace was originally formulated in the 1970’s for Sapporo, and was only available to be used by them until 1984, when it became commercially available. […]

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Creating Home Brew Recipes From Scratch

Getting ready to do an extract brew on the stove

We’ve made a few of our own home brew recipes, and we frequently have interesting ideas, so we’re often developing new recipes. It all takes a bit of trial and error and therefore time. Developing a beer recipe means that failure might happen. But with tweaks and persistence, success is eventually found. At first, it can be […]

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