Name: 3 Ravens 55

Style: American Pale Ale

Country: Australia

ABV: 5.0%

Beer description: The first thing to notice about this beer is the aroma!  Pouring the beer a wonderful aroma immediately comes out, even at arms length.  It was a great beer to pour.  With this is an altogether hoppy beer, the aroma is more malt driven.  The beer boasts barley, corn, wheat, oats, and rye, and, as mentioned, this really comes out in the smell, especially the rye.  Once the beer warms up a little bit, earthy aromas come out a little bit from the hops.

Combating this, the taste is less malt driven.  The beer has a fair amount of body, but there’s so much hops (five varieties in all), the malt really doesn’t come through.  The hops give quite a bit of citrus up front and throughout with a long bitterness spectrum.  The citrus appears to be lemon at first but then turns itself into mandarin flavours.  As with the American style, the bitterness tends to stick in the mouth.  It’s relatively intense when the beer is in the mouth, and, while it stays there, it’s more of a mild lingering than a heavy reminder.

The beer is fairly lightly carbonated, and the label says that’s it’s bottle conditioned.  While it is an American pale ale, the carbonation and feel hark back to a more traditional British style, which is fairly expected from the likes of 3 Ravens who, while always seemingly keen to experiment, also always appear to remember the roots.

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