Name: 3 Ravens White

Style: Witbier

Country: Australia

ABV: 4.5%

Beer description: This is a traditional Belgian Witbier, and the first thing that can be noticed is the aroma, even at arm’s length!  While a little bit more head was expected in the pour, this beer doesn’t disappoint.

According to the label, coriander and citrus peel are added to the beer, and this comes through quite obviously in both taste and aroma.  The aroma also has a little bit of vanilla and, of course, wheat.

All of this continues in the taste.  The citrus becomes a little more prominent, but the coriander definitely stays.  The beer is fairly lightly hopped, which is not unexpected for the style; there’s hardly any bitterness to speak of.  There is a great chord of vanilla and cinnamon that comes through the beer as well, with a slight amount of spice to compliment the sweetness.

If anything, too much coriander, but it suits.  For those who aren’t a fan of coriander, it may be advisable to avoid this beer.  However, the taste is suitable and it works.

The body on this beer is a little confusing.  It’s not terribly heavy, but  the tastes of vanilla give it, at the very least, the feeling of thickness, which slows the beer down somewhat and makes it feel heavier than it is.

A great beer all in all, and, as with the 3 Ravens style, very traditional with a nice little twist.

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