It’s been more than a year since our last post, but we’re finally back!

Yep, it’s been a fairly long hiatus.

There are lots of reasons for the blackout. The biggest reason was a general change in interest of the writers, but, since all of this is maintained in our spare time, it was going to be too hard to revamp everything to accommodate the change of direction. So, after a year of procrastination, we’ve bitten the bullet and just started it.

You’ll notice a new home brew section. This is part of the change in interest mentioned above. As our interest in beer grew, it created an interest in making beer. Between Chas and Matt, and some other great helpers and beer muses, we’ve actually managed to come up with some half decent all grain recipes, and we’re keen to share what we’ve learned.

Sorry that, for now, these sections are marked as “coming soon,” however, it’s part of the idea of just getting on with changing the website for the better.

With that, a lot of the beginnings of this site were about learning about how to make websites and learning about writing. After all, we love beer, and we wanted to learn more about it and share that journey. In our effort to move directions, we’ve gotten rid of some of the older ideas we were working with. So, if you take a look at the blog archives, you’ll notice a few older articles missing. Because of this, there may be some dead links about… we’ll get to them in time.

It’s all about starting afresh and getting back into it!

Stay tuned.