Name: Baird Beer Suruga Bay Imperial IPA

Style: Double IPA

Country: Double IPA

ABV: 7.5%

Beer description: Baird Beer comes to us from Japan. The brewery has a decent selection of beers, all with great Japanese inspired label artwork and names.

Baird Beer’s Double IPA pours with quite a bit of head, it’s a very vigorous beer. With a regular pour, this beer frothed up and needed to settle before more beer was added to the glass. The beer is orange in colour, and not as dark as a lot of double IPAs; it’s actually pretty light…

There’s a good amount of aroma here, and it’s mostly hop driven. It’s an earthy smell with tropical undertones, particularly pineapple. The beer is giving off typical American styled hop aromas, and the familiar scent of pine and citrus comes through as well. There’s not a huge amount of malt in the aroma.

In the taste, once again it’s not terribly malty in taste. There’s a bit of body here, but not as much as would be expected in a double IPA.

Pineapple is at the front of this beer, and it’s slightly sweet. As it’s a double IPA, quite obviously it’s a bitter beer, and it really takes over on the taste. There’s just enough malt in this beer to hold it all together, but it could use a little bit more body and a little bit more sweetness.

Double IPAs can go a couple different ways, often they can have quite a bit of depth to them. This one is verging on being just another hop monster, but it doesn’t quite get there. Unfortunately there’s not much else going on to give it that depth.

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