Best Moonshine Making Books

Learning the art of distilling a scrumptious spirit has taken people years of gathering knowledge from books, friends and internet forums. Among these common sources, books are generally presumed to be a great way of learning new skills because they are well researched and easy to look up from time to time.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Granted, some of you may have friends that have prolific knowledge about distilling moonshine but none of them come anywhere close to the expertise of the best moonshine making books. If one of these books still leaves you with any questions, then you can refer to online forums and friends.

The 5 Best Moonshine Making Books

Just so you don’t trust your friends’ opinion for the best moonshine making books as well, we have compiled 5 great reads in this post. Read our reviews of each book or refer to our buyer’s guide to decide which of these you should order:

1. The Compleat Distiller

The Compleat Distiller is the best moonshine making book for you if you already have a good grasp on basic distillation principles and now have a thirst for more than the basics. This book dives deep into the mechanical and chemical process that occurs during the distillation process of moonshine.

the Best Moonshine Making Books

If you purchase this book, you will find extensive illustrations of still designs and the proper operation of each design. This book also splashes over some details about botanical extracts and how they can be used for essential oil production.


  • Perfect for experienced moonshine distillers
  • Can teach readers mechanical and chemical principles of the distillation process
  • Great illustrations
  • Describes best practices for moonshine making
  • Expands on proper botanical extraction and essential oil production
  • Affordable


  • Not the best place to start for beginners

2. The Alaskan Bootlegger’s Bible: Making Beer, Wine, Liqueurs and Moonshine

The Alaskan Bootlegger’s Bible: Making Beer, Wine, Liqueurs and Moonshine is very easy to read and understand. Right from the first page, this book will combine Alaskan bootlegger’s tales and famous lore with useful information about making moonshine.

Readers will come across fantastic illustrations alongside fantastic information about how to build 8 different types of stills. Additionally, this  book also has brief descriptions about how to whip up premium whiskey, liqueur, wine and beer.


  • Narrates fantastic stories about Alaskan bootleggers
  • Consists of technical illustrations
  • Teaches readershow to build 8 different types of stills
  • Focuses on how to make moonshine at home
  • Plans include how to make your own scales, kegs and cappers
  • Additional information about making other types of alcohol


  • Not completely dedicated to teaching readers about moonshine

3. Making Pure Corn Whiskey: A Professional Guide for Amateur and Micro Distillers

Making Pure Corn Whiskey: A Professional Guide for Amateur and Micro Distillers is the perfect book for beginners who very recently learned about moonshine. This is because of the fact that the principles listed in this book are explained thoroughly and in a very straightforward manner.

This book can also transition to being a casual read since it consists of interesting chapters about the history of moonshine and how certain whiskey mash recipes came into existence. Additionally, this book aids beginners by troubleshooting methods of achieving preferred tastes or profiles.


  • Consists of both educational and casual reading material
  • Perfect starting place for beginners
  • Troubleshoots common problems of moonshine making
  • After reading through this book, you will know how to build your own separation fractionating still
  • Does not consist of complex technical jargon
  • Affordable


  • Maybe a waste of money for people who are looking for purely instructional content

4. Homemade Liqueurs and Infused Spirits: Innovative Flavor Combinations

The Homemade Liqueurs and Infused Spirits: Innovative Flavor Combinations is a captivating read for beginner moonshiners because it teaches them about the miraculous results of experiments. For instance, you will learn what you get after adding sweeteners and flavors to homemade liqueurs and how you can distill your own twists of branded alcohols at home.

Additionally, this book introduces beginners to 80 fantastic recipes to produce irresistible cocktails with the help of natural ingredients such as nuts, spices, fruits and so much more.


  • Consists of 80 previously unheard of moonshine recipes
  • Teaches readers how to replicate branded alcohol with your own personal twist
  • More than 150 natural flavoring techniques for moonshine
  • Easy to understand
  • Captivating read for beginner moonshiners
  • Affordable


  • Might not be worth the investment for beginners who have absolutely no experience in the distillation of other alcoholic beverages

5. The Art of Distilling Whiskey and Other Spirits

The Art of Distilling Whiskey and Other Spirits is exactly what it sounds like. It grants readers a backstage pass into the savory world of home distillation processes or small-scale distilling, Other than moonshine, this book also covers brandies, vodkas, gins and whiskeys and is the perfect introduction for spirit aficionados.

Right from the first page, the book will narrate how grain and water can be transformed into timeless and exquisite liquors. It is very rare to come across books that take such a close look of the actual craft of spirit distilling.


  • Focuses on spirit distillation without going off-topic
  • Uses easy to understand language for first time moonshiners
  • All of its instructions are based on small-scale production
  • Chapters are dedicated to a specific part of the entire distillation process
  • Teaches readers how to make small coffee pot stills alongside instructions on how to run it
  • Affordable and portable


  • Does not consist of as many illustrations as compared to its alternatives

What to Look for When Picking the Best Moonshine Making Books

Level of Experience

Some books are compiled as an introduction to moonshine distillation and the principles of this process. On the other hand, some books start right from techniques that may be too much of a sprint for amateur distillers.

For this reason, you should consider your level of experience to choose which guide or recipe book will be easy to understand. For instance, The Compleat Distiller maybe a little too overwhelming for beginner readers.

Traditional or Modern Distillation Techniques

Among the newest techniques for amateur moonshine distillation is Automatic Reflux Control (ARC) and this sounds like something you could use, then look for books that compile modern distillation techniques.

Alternatively, if you’re already experienced in traditional distillation techniques, then you’re probably already familiar with the guesswork required to control the moonshine still. It’s all about preference, really.

Information on How to Make Other Types of Alcohol

Some of the best moonshine making books also have interesting chapters about how to make whiskey, liqueur, wine and beer. Of course, you can also stick to books about moonshine because the author may have used every single page to delve deeper into intricate details. In other words, we’re back to determining your level of experience with moonshine.

Our Final Thoughts

If you read any one of our 5 best moonshine making books, you will be prepared to start brewing your own in no time. You will not only have the knowledge to operate your own moonshine still but you might just be able to start building your own!

If you think some other books deserve to be on this list, we’ll be more than happy to add them to our guide. Leave a comment under this post and list down the title of the book, its author and a short description of the book.

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