Best Turbo Yeast for Moonshine

Moonshine production is a fascinating yet complex process that involves many different schools of experience if done right. The process of moonshine distillation itself relies on a couple of principles of physics so you can ensure efficient extraction of spirits after the wash.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

On the other hand, the production of the wash is a biochemical process that heavily relies on microscopic fungal organisms, also known as yeast. For this reason, this post will be dedicated to taking a close look at the best turbo yeasts for moonshine and how you can choose the best product to produce the best results from your still.

The 5 Best Turbo Yeasts for Moonshine

Go on ahead and read our reviews and our buyer’s guide to choose the best turbo yeast for moonshine according to your preferences:

1. Packs Red Star Premier Wine Yeast

The Packs Red Star Premier Blanc Wine Yeast can be described as a very versatile and reliable yeast for moonshine. However, it can also be used to make cider, mead, wine and even many different kinds of sodas.

Best Turbo Yeast for Moonshine

Despite all of its benefits, we noticed that this particular turbo yeast faced some difficulty going through grain-based mashes since there would still be residual sweetness once the wash was done. Still, we can’t deny the fact that the resultant moonshine had more flavor and body than anticipated.


  • Very reliable and versatile strain
  • Works perfectly in room temperatures
  • Very little risk of the fermentation process getting delayed even when faced against complex sugars
  • Is very suitable for fruit-based mashed
  • Can be used for many other purposes as well
  • Easy to carry around


  • It has a relatively low liquor tolerance for a moonshine turbo yeast (13.5%)

2. Red Star Distillers Yeast (DADY)

The Red Star Distillers Yeast (DADY) can be the go-to yeast for virtually any kind of fermented beverage. What’s even better is that this product is available by the pound in just about any homebrew store.

The sheer popularity of this product is because of the fact that it can ferment just about anything it is poured into and all it requires is a stable room temperature environment. When we added this turbo yeast in our mash and let it ferment for more than 2 weeks, the resultant wash was completed fairly quickly and without making a mess.


  • Results in a rapid fermentation process
  • It is famously known for its quick start
  • Sold by the pound in just about any liquor shop
  • Very reliable and the results and very easy to predict
  • Can work beautifully against any type of sugar in the fermentation process
  • Affordable


  • The fermentation process may get a little violent at times.

3. Still Spirits Triple Distilled Yeast

The Still Spirits Triple Distilled Yeast is advertised as pure turbo yeast and is the perfect solution for any distillation process where the quality of alcohol is given primary importance. You’ll find that this product is a revolutionary solution to the yeast development process and has made it very easy to make triple-distilled alcoholic beverages right at home.

If you think this is the best turbo yeast for moonshine, then we would recommend that you pair the turbo clear and turbo carbon sachets to drastically improve the quality of the resultant alcohol.


  • This product is focused on quality as well as the speed of the fermentation process
  • Users can also make triple-distilled alcohols right at home
  • The pack of 5 should be enough to create quality wines or beers as well
  • Sachets can be combined to create higher quality alcoholic beverages
  • Very responsive customer service
  • Affordable and portable


  • Sold as a pack of 5 and people may need to repetitively order for every distillation process

4. Moonshine Distiller 24-Hour Turbo Yeast

The Moonshine Distiller 24-Hour Turbo Yeast can create 20% ABV moonshine in under a week’s time and this yeast has been created especially for moonshine. Additionally, this turbo yeast is so powerful that in its fermentation process, the reaction created so much foam that it nearly blew off the lid.

For this reason, we would highly recommend leaving enough headspace when working with this particular turbo yeast. Other than this, the resultant wash will probably be the strongest tasting batch you have ever created.


  • Causes a very active and rapid fermentation process
  • The alcohol tolerance of this turbo yeast stands at around 20% ABV
  • Works perfectly in room temperatures
  • Perfect for those moonshiners who prefer harsh tasting beverages
  • This yeast is dedicated to producing only moonshine
  • Affordable


  • The fermentation process can be a lot more vigorous than users expect

5. 5x Alcotec 48 Fruit & Grain Turbo Yeast 20% ABV

We’ve included the 5x Alcotec 48 Fruit & Grain Turbo Yeast 20% ABV to our list more out of curiosity than practical reasons. You see, beer yeasts typically have low liquor tolerances which don’t really help the distillation process of moonshine. However, this particular strain can ferment up to 20% ABV, which brings it to the same league as moonshine turbo yeasts.

On top of this, the complex sugars and fermenting maltose that is obtained from its grain starch can be perfect for grain moonshine whiskey. However, this may theoretically be a little harder than usual turbo yeast processes and may not be everyone’s cup of tea.


  • Provides clean and fast fermentation
  • Can be effective in a wide range of temperatures
  • Produces a rare spicy and peppery flavor
  • Can create optimal conditions for grain moonshine whiskey
  • Can be switched to making beer
  • Affordable and portable


  • Maybe a little more complex than beginner moonshiners are used to

What to Look for When Picking the Best Turbo Yeast for Moonshine

Brand Value

Every brand of turbo yeast for moonshine has its own value and most brands focus on one particular unique selling proposition. This USP is supposed to make the turbo yeast bring something different to the table as compared to its alternatives.


The features of each turbo yeast are the bells and whistles that assist your moonshine distillation process. For instance, some turbo yeast products guarantee rapid fermentation and a quick start, typically under 48 hours.


Each turbo yeast’s specifications signify how powerful each product is and how their strength can be measured. For instance, some turbo yeast products list their alcohol tolerance to range anywhere up to 20% ABV.

Product Value

The product value is typically how much past customers of the turbo yeast believe each offering to be a bang for their buck. To understand the value of each product, you will have to follow the Amazon links to each product and read up on customer testimonials.

Customer Ratings

The Amazon ratings of each product is another sign of what customers thought of this product. Each of the 5 best turbo yeasts for moonshine listed in this post have been rated at least 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Customer Reviews

This particular consideration is closely related to the ratings of each product. The ratings of these products don’t really translate to any value for potential customers unless they are followed up by qualitative reviews of first-hand experiences. The more detailed information for each product you can find from past users, the better the product is.

Our Final Thoughts

Yeast is a single-cell, fungal organism that is used to produce washes that are finally distilled to create final spirits. In fact, yeast is used in many other domains of distillation where fermentation is an important part of the whole process.

To get the primary function of yeast right, you can rely on any of the above-mentioned 5 best turbo yeasts for moonshine. Now the only thing left for you to do is choose the product that best compliments your preferences. So which is it going to be?

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