Name: Boatrocker Hop Bomb IPA

Style: IPA (India Pale Ale)

Country: Australia

ABV: 6.5%

Beer description: According to the brewery, the Hop Bomb is brewed to the U.S. West Coast style of IPA; this is a style that has really popularized craft beer.  It certainly is to style, and, for good or bad, it’s not the most creative interpretation of it: it’s made to a specific style and Boatrocker is sticking to it.  All that being said, this beer is more and more enjoyable as it gets drunk.

As an American style IPA, you get what you expect out of the initial smell: pine and fruit smells with some malty goodness in the background.  Unexpectedly, there is a great spice in there as well that hits the back of the nose as a sip is taken.  Breath deep and it hits hard!

Further along, it’s certainly a bitter beer, but hardly excessive in bitterness.  The bitterness sits in your mouth throughout the drink, but doesn’t build up, it stays at about the same level and lingers for quite awhile.  Prior to the bitterness, there’s a small sweetness, with a little tiny bit of citrus and passion fruit, that takes the edge of slightly.  All that being said, the hop spectrum isn’t that wide, and, with a name like “Hop Bomb,” something larger is expected in terms of bitterness.  It’s a bitter beer, but the name simply warrants something more!

In the mouth, the carbonation feels delicate, almost like a lightly carbonated water.  As the beer is on the lighter side (in body), combined with the alcohol, your mouth is given a nice warm sensation.

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