We’re based in Australia, so we’ve visited plenty of Australian breweries. They’re easy access for us, so we’re able to visit plenty of breweries as part of a normal night out.

This list is always growing. So check back often.

Australian Breweries – Ones We’ve Visited

We’ve arranged all the Australian breweries we’ve visited below in alphabetical order. Some of breweries we’ve visited have a larger beer adventure or write up about them from the blog.  We’ll link to it in the description of the breweries.

Victorian Breweries

Black Dog Brewery – Taminick, Victoria, Australia

Black Dog Brewery lives in a barn on the property of Taminick Cellars in Taminick, Victoria. This small town is a short drive the rural centre of Beechworth, so it’s easy to visit if you’re visiting other High Country breweries.

The Black Dog Brewery offers tastings at their small bar, but isn’t really designed for sitting and relaxing. It’s more of a stop and taste kind of deal. That doesn’t take away from the charm of the property, which, after all, is a fully functioning vineyard and winery well.

Because of that, no food is served at the brewery, but there’s plenty of wine to taste as well!

The benefit to a visit to Black Dog Brewery is their stripped down and unassuming nature. Exploring the brewery and the property and having a taste all happens amongst bottling equipment and other things. They’re not trying to do anything special other than provide some quality beverages.

It’s well worth a visit.

Bridge Road Brewers – Beechworth, Victoria, Australia

Bridge Road Brewers is an iconic Victorian High Country brewer. They were one of the first in the area, and they definitely won’t be the last. Australia and its craft beer scene owes a lot to Bridge Road Brewers, Ben, Maria, and the rest of the crew.

While the brewery isn’t located on Bridge Road anymore, Bridge Road Brewers is located in central Beechworth, a few hours north of Melbourne. The town itself is a great place to visit and see. In fact, we had a Beechworth beer adventure! So it’s well worth visiting the area for a weekend and stopping into the brewery for a few beers.

The bar itself has plenty of indoor and outdoor seating and functions as a bar and casual restaurant. From a portion of the seating area, visitors can see the brewery floor and, if they’re lucky, they may see Bridge Road’s next big beer being brewed.

The restaurant is famous for its wood fired pizza, so when you get hungry after a long afternoon of relaxing, there’s no need to go anywhere else! It’s really quite the place to waste an afternoon.

As an added benefit, the brewery is relatively family friendly and even has a play area within view of the outdoor seating. Bonus!

We’ve reviewed plenty of Bridge Road Brewery beers, so have a look!

Mountain Goat Brewery – Richmond, Victoria, Australia

Mountain Goat Brewery is a Melbourne institution. Located in an old warehouse in the Melbourne inner city suburb of Richmond, it’s a wonderful place for a drink.

Firstly the Goat Bar is only open on Wednesday and Friday nights from 5 PM, so if you’re planning a visit, keep that in mind. The bar is in the same warehouse as the brewery itself, and has a chic warehouse vibe. In no way is it a dive. It’s a large, open space with high ceilings and unfinished walls. Sit, enjoy a beer and enjoy the views of all the brewing equipment.

At the Mountain Goat Brewery bar, visitors will find all of Mountain Goat’s core range of beers, some of their rare breeds, and a selection of wines. Often they’ll have a beer or two by other local breweries they may happen to be working with at the time. Because of this, the range changes regularly, so it’s always good for another visit.

For those who want some food with their beer, Mountain Goat Brewery serves plenty to eat. Their menu is primarily pizza based. Their wood fired pizza is quite good and it’s easy to order a selection to share with friends.

We’ve reviewed plenty of Mountain Goat Brewery beers if you’re curious about their styles.

Mountain Goat Brewery also has regular brewery tours during their opening times, so it’s good to check their website before you go.

Red Hill Brewery – Red Hill, Victoria, Australia

This is one of our favourite breweries in Australia. We’ve been there tons of times as part of their Secret Stash Weekend. This yearly event is a must. Every year the Red Hill Brewery crew pull out their “secret stash,” the left overs of all their very special and limited releases. The beers are always great and the event is always very well organised. It’s well worth it.

Red Hill Brewery is located in the town of Red Hill, about one hour south of Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula. It’s a lovely drive, but unfortunately it’s difficult to get there via public transport. If you’re staying in the area, you may be able to get a local taxi to and from the brewery. Red Hill Brewery is also house amongst the Mornington Peninsula Wine region, so if wine is also your thing, it’s a opportunity to do some wine tasty and take in the beautiful scenery.

The brewery itself is small. The entire brewery is housed in a shed (pictured to the right), with the brewery bar right next door. If you’re lucky, you may score a brewery tour, even though visitors can see the entire operation from the parking lot! Additionally, Red Hill Brewery also has a small hop farm on site. They use a variety of hops, so some need to be sourced by larger suppliers, but many of the hop that are used in Red Hill beers are grown on site.

The bar is wonderful with a large outdoor section to sit in and enjoy almost any day of the year. It’s well heated in the winter and in the summer seems to be a few degrees cooler than the surrounding countryside. What a way to cool down with a beer!

Red Hill Brewery serves limited and changing food on site and also has regular food truck visits on bigger weekends. So it’s easily possible to have a bite with your beer. Visitors can get a full feed, but it’s hardly varied.

We’ve also reviewed plenty of Red Hill Brewery beers if you’re curious about their styles.

Visiting Red Hill Brewery is a must!