We go on beer adventures whenever possible. Sometimes this is just trying different beers in a new part of the world, sometimes we get a chance to visit a brewery!

On these brewery trips, if we’re lucky we’ll get a full tour. Otherwise the brewery will have a pub attached and it’s a chance to try everything the given brewery has to offer. This is especially good if the brewery does limited or small releases of interesting craft beers that may be hard to come by. Sometimes these beers are only available at the cellar door!

Visiting a brewery also has the added benefit of seeing beer in its natural habitat and get some awesome beerporn pictures. We usually try to grab a paddle so we can try everything (and take a cool photo), but sometimes we’ll try a few pints and get a different kind of photo.

We’ve decided to start keeping track of all the breweries we’ve visited over the years. A lot of this is so that if any member of the Brew in Review Crew visits a brewery, it’s an easy way to share memories with the rest of the crew. As an added benefit to readers, we’ll be able to create a nice little database of breweries all around the world. If you’re about to head on a trip, this is the place to check out and get some good recommendations on breweries.

If you’re visited a brewery and have a few comments on it, feel free to contact us and we may add it to our list!

See below for the breweries we’ve visited. They’re all arranged by country:

  • Australian Breweries – we’re based in Australia so we get around to plenty of Australian breweries. This is just a matter of course and less of a beer adventure. Often it’s just a cool bar to go to on the weekend! This list will have plenty of regular updates.
  • U.S.A. Breweries – we’ve been to the U.S. a few times, and try to get in a brewery tour or two whenever we’re there. When we come back, we put them here!