Name: Bridge Road Brewers Biere De Garde

Style: Belgian Ale

Country: Australia

ABV: 7.5%

Beer description: Bridge Road Brewery comes to us from Beechworth in Australia. They have many beers in their core range, but the Biere de Garde, part of their Chevalier range empahsises special quality with traditional styles.

The beer is pretty excitable when it pours but the head dies down very quickly, similar to that of a soft drink. While some would say it’s a toffee colour, we can also use the soft drink analogy once again: it’s verging on the colour of cola.

Bridge Road’s Biere de Garde has a sweet and sour aroma, full of carbon dioxide from the good carbonation that seems so be released easily. It’s a sweet smelling beer that’s full of the malty smells of biscuit and vanilla. All this is backed up with some great spiciness and aromas of anise to really give the beer something different.

The beer is smooth as it goes down, but once again with a distinct carbonation that tickles a bit. Elements of chocolate and vanilla play at the beginning, with the anise coming back at the end to really sit in the back of the mouth.

This is a nice and malty beer with a fair amount of sweetness to it, but mostly if you go looking for it. If you’re a fan of sweet beers, you probably wouldn’t be too put off as it’s really not in your  face.

This is far from being a bitter beer. There is a small amount of bitterness in there, but much of it seems to be coming front roasted flavours rather than a distinct hop earthiness.

This is a lovely beer and excellent example of a traditional style. It feels rustic but refined and well thought. It’s a nice treat.

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