Name: Bridge Road Brewers Chestnut Pilsner

Style: Pilsner

Country: Australia 

ABV: 5%

Beer description: From Beechworth in the Victorian Highlands, Bridge Road Brewers make some awesome beer. They have a great range of core beers, but there’s always something special coming out of the brewery, so there’s always something new to try. Bridge Road’s Chestnut Pilsner is part of their core range, but that doesn’t mean it should be a boring beer. It actually uses locally grown chestnuts as well as local hops. So it should be a fairly “standard” pilsner but with a bit of a nutty twist.

It’s a very crisp looking beer. It’s certainly a pale beer; so much so that the beer almost resembles a cheap American macro-lager! The only difference is that this beer actually gets some head retention, with a good couple of millimetres of head sticking around on top. It’s certainly enticing!

The aroma here smells like Autumn: the earthiness of the hops and the distinct chestnut smells just bring out the season. But it’s not an Autumn beer… it’s a crisp and clean smell as well, because, after all, it is a pilsner, and a pilsner done right. It’s almost the smell of the Autumn to come in the late summer. The evening is still hot, but you can see the trees just about to turn.

Of course it’s also very crisp in the mouth feel. Once again, it’s nutty and almost crummy. There seems to be a spritz of lemon for refreshment, but other than that, the flavour profile is very light. The body is light and simply refreshing. This beer really reminds the drinker that a pilsner is well and truly part of the lager family: simply because of the light and crisp taste here.

That’s not to say this is a boring beer, but it’s not exciting either. It’s built to be an easy and refreshing beer with a bit of a twist. Without the chestnut in the mash, perhaps this would be a boring beer, but it seems Bridge Road built this beer to simply be enjoyed, and added that little touch just to keep it interesting.

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