Name: Burleigh Brewing Co 28 Pale Ale

Style: Pale Ale

Country: Australia

ABV: 4.8%

Beer description: Described by the brewer as “70’s style” pale ale, this beer is very traditional.  It’s refreshing to see a brewery attempt a standard but good beer.  Standard does not necessarily mean “boring piss,” and Burleigh have done quite well in making an old school beer for newer tastes.

The aroma has a little bit of malt with a hint of fruit and maybe a little bit of pine.  It’s not an overly aromatic beer, but it’s clear that’s not what they’re going for.  On the taste, it’s pretty mild but there’s still a bit in there.  The spectrum of the bitterness does well; it’s short but tends to sit in your mouth.  The fruit continues, but only slightly.  The beer is a little on the thin side and feels like it has the weight more of a lager, but without the crispness characteristic of the lager style.

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