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Beer Facts

We’ve scoured the internet for facts about beer and called the page beer facts! Want to learn important things about beer so you can impress your friends? Look no further. We have all the beer facts you’ll ever need. Feel free to comment on individual facts and discuss. You’re also welcome to contact us to submit further beer facts. We’re always adding more facts about beer, so check back often.

Beer Fact #24

Hops and marijuana are related! Both plants belong to the Cannabaceae family of flowering plants. It’s not a surprise, really. Both hops and hemp look relatively similar, they both have buds, and they both have resins. This relation between hops and marijuana has lead some brewers to try and use marijuana in beers. It doesn’t […]

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Beer Fact #23

Belgium has the most amount of individual beer brands. So let’s all go to Belgium and try some beer! See all beer facts.

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Beer Fact #22

While we have no way to verify this, supposedly, at any given time, 0.7% of the world is drunk. This equates to about 50 million people being drunk right now! See all beer facts.

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Beer Fact #21

The Code of Hammerabi, an ancient Babylonian code of laws, among many of its rules, had a rule about beer. While the code mainly addresses issues surrounding more common crimes, issues of divorce, and inheritance, there are plenty of other guidelines in there as well. With this, while punishments were usually along the terms of […]

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Beer Fact #20

There’s a crater on the moon called Beer. Unfortunately it was named after astronomer Wilhelm Beer, not after the tasty beverage. The crater would probably be cooler if it was named by an astronomer drinking a beer when it was discovered, so let’s all pretend that was the case. See all beer facts.

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Beer Fact #19

1935 saw the world’s first beer cans. Around this time, less people weren’t drinking in taverns and bars as much and preferred to drink at home. Breweries needed a convenient way for people to get their beer home, and can was the way to go! See all beer facts.

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Beer Fact #18

Hops are typically grown between the 35th and 55th lines of latitude in both the northern and southern hemispheres. Hops grow in summer and require a specific day length in order to flourish and produce cones. See all beer facts.

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Beer Fact #17

The longest hangover (kind of) lasted six weeks according this article. A Scotish man managed to consume 60 pints of beer over a four day period. The extreme dehydration after the bender caused a rare brain condition that prolonged the hangover for so long. Seems like this is a hangover that can’t be cured with […]

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Beer Fact #16

Humid weather causes a beer to warm up faster. This is because the condensation on the side of a beer glass, can, or bottle provides more heat than the surrounding air. This condensation then transmits heat into your beer! So while a beer in humid weather can be very refreshing, watch out! See all beer facts. […]

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Beer Fact #15

There is a temple in the Sisaket Provence of Thailand made entirely of beer bottles. The bottles are all old Heineken (green) or Chang (brown) bottles. Yay for recycling! Photo comes from an article on the temple from Tree Hugger. See all beer facts.

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