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Conversion Beers

What is a conversion beer? Some call it a gateway beer, we call it that first craft beer you have that makes it so you’ll never go back to “normal” beer again. It doesn’t have to be your first craft beer, just the one that converts you to the cause. These are stories from the pub we’d all be familiar with, but they’re always good to hear.

Do you have your own conversion beer story? Why not contact us and tell us about it! If we like it, we might just publish it…

Conversion Beers 10 – Getting Sour

Kara (aka Sourpuss) joins us from Los Angeles. Kara is a big sour beer fan. So much so that she jumped into home brewing just to make sour beers. We called her a little bit crazy for skipping the usual steps and going straight for brewing difficult all grain styles, but when beer is involved, […]

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Conversion Beers 9 – First of the first

Mikey joins us from Beer With Mikey and We Make Homebrew. Although not a regular writer for Brew in Review, he’s always been here in spirit, one to bounce ideas off, and always one to make home brew with. Mikey has the honour of naming the Home Brew Couch, and is a regular fixture on said […]

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Conversion Beers 8 – Girl + Beer

Pia joins us from girl + beer, a beer blog about the Western Australian beer scene and just beer in general! She also does the occasional post for Crafty Pint. Pia’s love of beer bounces between simply drinking the stuff, enjoying great venues and events, and pairing it with food. When she’s not drinking or writing about beer, […]

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Conversion Beers 7 – A Buddhist at a Bar Mitzvah

Suren is an aspiring writer and craft beer enthusiast who spends his time between Dubai, Colombo and Melbourne. Starting Colombo’s first micro-brewery is his goal in life. Due to the commercial unfeasibility of this project and the inability to earn enough from writing, he is compelled to fly airplanes for a living. He can be […]

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Conversion Beers 6 – Belly full of steam

Matt is a teacher who grew up in Geelong, Victoria. He was exposed to beer through football clubs his whole life and it wasn’t until one fateful day of going into Dan Murphy’s and grabbing a six pack of Mountain Goat Steam Ale that he realized there was more to beer than lagers. You can follow Matt on Twitter here  or […]

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Conversion Beers 5 – Friends and a couple brothers

The conversion beer series started after a conversation amongst friends, and had one of our regular contributors, Matt, writing the first one. The original intention was to have Chas write the next one, but beer buddies jumped on board very quickly with their own stories. So finally, for our fifth conversion beer story, regular contributor, Chas, […]

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Conversion Beers 4 – The King and Queen

IPA Mick comes to us from Brisbane via Dublin. While a big beer drinker in Dublin, he cut his teeth on Coopers and Hahn Premium to keep his sanity when first arriving in Australia. Finally a friend gave him a Hargraves ESB, and he hasn’t looked back since. You can follow Mick on Twitter here. […]

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Conversion Beers 3 – Chris and his few shillings

Chris comes to us as a home brew blogger over at the Beer That Men Made. He’s managed to enjoy a variety of great craft beer around the world but has now settled in Melbourne to perpetually explore their awesome craft beer scene. This article is part of an ongoing series about “conversion beers” – […]

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Conversion Beers 2 – The Story of Brother Rat

Brother Rat joins us from another blog, Principal John. He’s a long standing tasty beer drinker so we thought he’d have some insights on how he first got started. While some might argue that Principal John and Brother Rat are the same person, the story is much longer and deeper than this. Principal John befriended Brother […]

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Conversion Beers 1 – Matt’s Light bulb moment

We were talking about the principle of “conversion beers” – that first amazing craft beer that you have that converts the drinker to good beer forever. For some, it’s a slow process. However, for many, with some thought, we can often drill down to the exact moment, the exact beer when we couldn’t go back. […]

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