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Tempo Goldstar Lager – Beer Review

Editor’s note: special thanks to Chasing Ghosts for keeping an eye out for beer on a recent trip to Israel and then writing some reviews. Take a look at their website for some awesome photography. Name: Tempo Gold Star Lager Style: Lager Country: Israel ABV: 4.9% Beer description: Tempo Brewing is is the big brewer of Israel and Goldstar lager […]

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Maui Brewing Co Bikini Blonde Lager – Beer Review

Name: Maui Brewing Co Bikini Blonde Lager Style: Lager Country: U.S.A. ABV: 5.1% Beer description: Maui Brewing Company, out of Hawaii, produce mostly tap beers but with a further release in cans. The company has chosen cans over bottles as they’re easier to ship as well as generally better for the environment, and some would argue, better for the beer. […]

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Kona Brewing Co Longboard Island Lager – Beer Review

Name: Kona Brewing Co Longboard Island Lager Style: Lager Country: U.S.A. ABV: 4.6% Beer description: Kona Brewing Company is one of Hawaii’s larger breweries. They’re located on the big island and it appears that their beer is pretty easy to get throughout Hawaii and in many states in the United States. They appear to have a pretty good variety of […]

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