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July 2016 – Beer of the Month – Mountain Goat Captain Amylase Rum Porter

What are we drinking this month? Each month we’ll highlight what we’re liking with a quick rundown about why. There’s nothing really special here, it’s just what we happen to be drinking. It might be old, it might be new, it might be hard to get, it might be easy. Take a look at previous beers of the month. Mountain […]

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Feral Brewing Co Smoked Porter – Beer Review

Name: Feral Brewing Co Smoked Porter Style: Porter Country: Australia ABV: 4.9% Beer description: Feral Brewing Co is an iconic West Australian brewery. There most famous beer, of course, is their Hop Hog, but they have other great beers. Let’s find out if Feral Brewing’s Smoked Porter is another one of their great ones. This beer has a moderate amount […]

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Why is it called porter?

After reading a great rundown of the difference between porter and stout, a little bit of research needed to be done on why porter is called porter. The reasons behind the naming of stout will surely come next, but for now, let’s stick with porter. Firstly, what is a porter? The linked article gives a […]

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Rogue Mocha Porter – Beer Review

Name: Rogue Mocha Porter Style: Porter Country: U.S.A. ABV: 5.3% Beer description: Rogue comes to us from Portland in Oregon and is one of the more famous craft breweries of the united states and the world. Their commitment to quality and craft beer is second to none. Rogue continues to experiment while always having enough tradition about them to […]

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Maui Brewing Co Coconut Porter – Beer Review

Name: Maui Brewing Co Coconut Porter Style: Porter Country: U.S.A. ABV: 6% Beer description: Maui Brewing Company, which is unsurprisingly in Maui, Hawaii, produces a good range of beers. The majority of their range appears to only be served on tap while their is a more limited release of beers in cans. Maui Brewing prefers cans as they’re easier to […]

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Yo-Ho Tokyo Black – Beer Review

Name: Yo-Ho Tokyo Black Style: Porter Country: Japan ABV: 5% Beer description: The beer is served in a can which is quite surprising and unique since it’s a porter!  Most craft beers don’t come in a can but it’s becoming more common here and there, mostly as something novel.  The beer also had a fair amount of head, which is […]

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