Name: Coopers Original Pale Alecoopers

Style: Pale ale

Country: Australia

ABV: 4.5%

Beer description: A pretty standard pale ale.  Grassy, earthy, and almost sour aromas start off this beer.  It’s a yeasty smell overall with not a lot of hops coming through.  The beer continues with the sour and yeasty feel to it, as well as the grassy-ness.  It’s not overall hoppy, no unique bitterness about the beer.  With this, there’s no big push on the malt either.

This beer is a very standard pale ale.  It’s very drinkable but lacks anything to really make it stand out.  The good thing though is that this beer is infinitely more enjoyable than cheap mass market beers.  Coopers is made with mass market appeal, but with a little more care.

Coopers is generally recommended for people bored of bigger breweries but don’t want to get involved in craft beer.

Drink when: Autumn.  It’s a little on the heavy side due to the overall yeastiness of the beer and would suit a cool autumn day that’s a little damp.

Drink with: Standard pub fare.  This would go well with a parma or a burger and chips.

Rating to style/intention – 7/10: Coopers is what it is.  It’s designed with mass market appeal but it’s also trying to be better than it is.

Rating on sessionability – 6/10: It’s easy to knock back a few of these since it’s such a basic beer.  However, it gets boring quickly. 

Rating on complexity – 2/10: This beer is pretty flat without any spectrum to the taste.

General rating – 6/10: It’s very middle of the road.  It’s a good beer when nothing else is available, but it wouldn’t be my first choice.

Overall rating and summary – 5.25/10: As mentioned, a good beer to drink if nothing else is available.  Perfectly drinkable and enjoyable. 

Coopers Original Pale Ale:


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