Name: Day of the Dead Pale Ale

Style: Pale Ale

Country: Mexico

ABV: 4.8%

Beer description: Day of the Dead’s pale also, also known as their Queen of the Night pale ale comes from Mexico.

The beer pours with a small amount of head and is surprisingly dark for a pale ale. It’s marketed as a standard/American pale ale, but is looking more Indian than anything. This immediately peeks the interest, wondering where this beer will go.

It’s a sticky and malty smell with the feeling of biscuit and honey. The beer has distinct barley and grain smells about it. Some beers smell malty, this one smells of freshly ground grain. This can be a hard aroma to pull off and it’s always nice. The hops aromas in this beer are understated but there. There’s the obvious citrus and pine that one would expect from an American style, with some more tropical notes behind it.

The feeling of freshly ground barley continues in the taste and mouth feel. While the beer is not gritty or dry, there is the distinct sensation of coarse flour when the beer first touches the mouth. This gives and interesting and fun mouth feel.

On the front, this is a pretty sweet beer, and while it feels like a relatively malty beer, it’s about the weight of any other pale ale.

The hops come up pretty early in this beer with a slightly shocking, but welcome bitterness. Rather than finishing on the bitterness though, the sweet, malty biscuit flavour returns at the very end for a very interesting twist.While the hop and bitterness build up begins to distract from the front of this beer overtime, the biscuit at the end manages to keep coming through.

While Mexico is more known for watery Coronas with lime, this is an ale and has the body of an ale. There are bigger ales out there, but a big one wouldn’t really suit the distinctly Mexican feel of this beer.

This beer is recommended for anyone wanting a Mexican beer with something more to it.

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