Name: De Dochter van de Korenaar Belle-Fleur

Style: IPA

Country: Belgium 

ABV: 6%

Beer description: This one comes to Brew in Review via a friend: it’s from a brewery in Belgium. We don’t really know about this brewery and their website (linked above) is in German. All that being said, having a try of a new brewery is always exciting, especially because there was nothing to expect.

This beer had a huge amount of head, and actually required a bit of settling to complete the pour, even in an over-sized IPA glass. In fact, even on opening, the bottle nearly overflowed, even though it wasn’t treated vigorously. The beer is a great dirty straw colour with an off-white to yellow head.

On smelling the beer, the drinker is hit with a tremendous amount of grapefruit smells, earth, and spice. The sensation of composting citrus peels is created from the interaction of the citrus notes and the earth; it’s a fresh smell that’s actually quite pleasant. The spice cuts through the nose a bit. The beer seems to have the balls and many of the smells of an American IPA, but at the same time some more of the nuance of a British IPA: something that can really only be pulled off with a European beer.

This beer is actually fairly light on body, despite its initially bold aroma. The brew has a fairly watery start with a tiny amount of citrus with a sweet middle and a bitter finish (of course). Directly after the bitter is the distinct taste of lemon, almost as if a little bit of lemon juice has been added to this beer, although it surely hasn’t. Concentrating on this, the lemon comes out more and more. It really manages to take the edge off the beer and make it quite refreshing.

This beer is all in the smell. The taste is great but nowhere near as exciting as the smell. The large amount of lemon in the taste is something different and a bit of fun, but isn’t as great as the aroma of this beer.

It will be fun to track down other beers from this brewery as they seem to tread the line between a nice down to earth beer and something a little bit different.

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