Name: Goodieson Brewery Pale Ale

Style: Pale Ale

Country: Australia

ABV: 4.5%

Beer description: Goodieson Brewery is a small, family owned brewery in McLaren Vale, South Australia. They have a fairly limited distribution but can generally be found in better bottle shops. Goodieson Brewery emphasises traditional brewing.

Goodieson’s pale ale pours without much head. It’s not flat by any means, just not a vigorous beer. Assuming they’re going for a more traditional style, this isn’t surprising. The beer is a hazy straw colour, or a dirty yellow. It gives the vibe of a rustic farmhouse feeling to the beer: it’s unrefined, but in a good way.

It’s a fruity smelling beer, with lots of malt and vanilla biscuit in the background. There’s not a lot of citrus in the fruity aromas, but there is some sweet orange. It’s a nice smelling beer, but without a huge amount of depth to it. It’s simple and traditional.

The taste is similarly simple and traditional. This beer has a fair bit of malt and body to it and is verging on being an English bitter: malty and fruity. It’s not quite in Extra Special Bitter territory, but it could be a bitter. As with the traditional British style, there’s not a lot of up front hoppiness that modern drinkers would be used to in the more American style of pale ales; that’s the style though.

That being said, the mouth feel is more carbonated than what one would expect out of a British pale ale. It’s not highly carbonated, but, while this beer does have a good body, it’s not quite thick enough to hold in the bubbles. This leaves a distinct carbonation feeling when the beer is held in the mouth.

This is a nice beer for someone who wants a very traditional and simple pale ale. It’s a more malt driven beer with a good body that’s not too heavy.

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