As promised, we’ve been steadily chipping away at the home brew section of the website.

Ok… if you followed that last link, you’ll notice things still saying “coming soon…” but if you check out our home brew recipes you’ll see actual paragraphs of writing, a picture (of Red Hill Brewery) and not one but two home brew recipes. One is a killer, easy drinking, pale ale recipe. The second is a saison recipe; lots of citrus and just the right amount of pepper in this one.

Unfortunately we’re fresh out of pale ale here at Brew in Review central, but we have plenty of the saison left. We’ve drank plenty of the pale, so we could probably write a thorough description from memory, but we’ll leave it for the next batch. Stay tuned for a great run down of the saison though!

If you check out our home brew equipment section, you’ll find out (digital) home brewery. Right now it’s just a list of some of the equipment we’re using here at home to make some awesome all grain home brew. This will soon be updated into in depth descriptions of the equipment and, in many cases, how to make it.

Part of the re-launch of the site is a commitment to have at least one post a week, and for week two, this is a bit of a post about posting… more of a post about updating our home brew information, but it’s a start, is it not? Give credit where credits due: a lot of work was put in to get the home brew section up to where it is!

The aim is, by the end of the week, to have a run down on a couple pieces of equipment for all to enjoy.

We’re also currently conditioning a few slabs of a really great pilsner at the moment. It’s almost ready, and, as soon as it passes thorough quality controls (read: the Beer Muse downs a six pack), we’ll put the first version of the recipe up for people to try.

Speaking of the Beer Muse, special thanks to her for helping to get the home brew section up and running and for her continued commitment to our Beer Porn section. Again, this is a section in much need of updating. We have photos ready to go up very soon!

Finally, a main goal of this site, other than writing about beer, is to learn more about “internet stuff.” Now that there is some “home brew stuff” up here, we’re going to learn how to program both an ABV calculator and an IBU calculator for easy reference. There are plenty of these on line. Like the handy ABV calculator here and the IBU calculator here. While we’re at it, we’ll see if we can program some handy imperial to metric converters so that our friends in the U.S.A. can actually understand our recipes (which are in metric).

And now that we’re getting into the whole imperial/metric thing, it is time to end this post before it turns into a rant on how way too many beer recipes on line are in imperial when the majority of the world is in metric. It’s a particular peeve of mine. Maybe for next time…

Cheers, Chas