Check out the home brew recipes developed by the Brew in Review crew and others.

All of our recipes are currently all grain home brew recipes. Check back as we develop and add more.

Are you new to home brew or new to all grain home brewing? Before jumping in, check out our How to Home Brew page for some of the basics. We also try to list the minimum equipment needed in all recipes. Check out our Home Brew Equipment section for detailed information on our equipment.

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Shoulders of Giants Brewery Home Brew Recipes

We call our home brewery Shoulder of Giants Brewery and like to name all of our beers after the scientists that inspired them. It’s more fun that way.

Please bear with us as we add to the recipe list. It takes time to write all of it!

  • Kaku Pilsner – an aromatic pilsner that’s a bit strong, but still great. As it’s a lager style, we highly recommend some sort of temperature control to keep things cool while they’re fermenting. Lager styles can be a big more difficult, so for those just getting start in all grain brewing, perhaps wait a little bit on this one. That being said, the Kaku Pilsner is on the strong side and has plenty of hops in it, so there’s plenty to hide behind if it doesn’t go completely right.
  • Lemaitre’s Cosmic Egg Saison – a varied saison with a bit of a kick. This is a fun one that’s not too fussy for a saison. Saison yeasts can be a little finicky sometimes, but the recipe is pretty robust. Minimal equipment is needed for this one, but it may be a good idea to try to keep this one a little bit warmer. That’s what saison yeasts like after all! However, this beer will probably hold up even if fermented at slightly cooler temperatures. For anyone trying to get into saisons, give it a go!
  • Priestly Pale Ale – a nice, easy drinking American Pale Ale. This recipe is pretty standard and on of the first we came up with from scratch. It’s based on a basic barley base with a few other malts thrown in for interest. Then it’s packed full of American hops. This beer is a great place to start if you’re just getting into all grain brewing.

Other Home Brew Recipes

We’re always on the look out for home brew recipes, but we haven’t added anything yet! If friends share a recipe with us and agree to put it up, it will show up here!

If you have a great recipe, contact us. We’ll see if we can give it a try and maybe we’ll publish it.