Our ever growing home brew section! We’ve organised it into a few subsections.

Our How to Home Brew gives a run down of some the basic concepts to get you started. It’s also a great reference point for deeper information. Check back often as we add more! Our how to home brew section is more focused on all grain home brewing, but if you’re just starting out, fear not! We have a post on how to get started in home brewing. If has a summary of the equipment you’ll need to get started and a few tips and tricks.

Our Home Brew Equipment section outlines our home brewery. A lot of the equipment in the home brewery is is store bought, and we’ll run through what it is and what it does. Other equipment we’ve made ourselves, and we’ll outline the design and how to build it. It’s all about sharing. If you have any equipment that’s new and cool, feel free to tell us about it! We’re always curious to learn about new ways of making beer at home. We don’t get too special with our equipment, and know very well that some people have some very elaborate set ups at home. Share them!

Our Home Brew Recipes section is exactly what it sounds like: home brew recipes! As we develop more recipes, we’ll put them up here, so it’s always a good idea to check back. And we really encourage everyone to try the recipes for themselves and tell us what you think. We’re keen to see some other home brew recipes as well, so, as we say, go ahead and share. We learned how to brew by making other people’s recipes, and we continue to enjoy it, so we’re curious to see what others have come up with. If it’s great (and you agree to let us), we’d be more than happy to put it on this website to help share it with the world.

If you’re just after some general beer discussion, check out our blog. We regularly blog about home brew in our home brew category. This has a mixture of tips and trips, discussions of home brew methods, and more. The wider blog also a great place to see what we’ve been drinking, what we’ve been brewing, or just what we’ve come up with. Anything new will be added to the relevant section above, but we’ll be sure to talk it up in the blog!

If you have any questions, we really encourage you to comment on an article or just get in touch. We’re here to share and learn with everyone else, so discussion is encouraged. Maybe you’ll spark a new article or teach us something new.

Finally, just have a look around the site. It can be pretty expansive, but we’ve tried hard to keep things organised and keep it easy to navigate. All the resources should be right at your fingertips.