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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Homebrew Review: ESB

Yes, that is a piece of grain stuck on the note

This is the only beer I’ve brewed so far this year. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere in the blog, one purpose of this blog is to assist me in improving my records in home brewing. For example here is a scanned copy of the recipe for this beer that I recorded. Yes, its only record is on a post-it note.

The recipe:

12.3oz Dry Light Malt Extract

6.5lbs Liquid Light Malt Extract

1.75lbs 40L Crystal

1.75lbs 80L Crystal

1.4 oz cascade hops (pellet)

1 oz nugget hops (whole)

1.2 oz magnum hops (pellet)

Not sure what beer this was, but this was on the other side.

I also dry hopped this, but obviously that is not included in the notes. I don’t quite recall when I brewed this. I opened a bottle for the 1st time on 5/8/11 and felt that the beer was still to flat to drink, even though it had been sitting in the bottle for at least a month. I had another bottle last night and while the beer poured without a head, the carbonation and taste was much better. This beer did not come out quite as I intended. The ABV is way too low. Its probably legal to sell in Utah. There’s a nice bitterness and aroma to the beer, but overall its a fairly light beer. If I use this recipe again, I’ll have to do some tweaking to it to give it a little more pop and alcohol. As it stands right now, I’m referring to this as my “session” bitter.


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