BrewDog did a series of four single hop IPAs called IPA is Dead. They did this in typical BrewDog style pushing experimentation and trying to make a different kind of single hop IPA.

The point of BrewDog’s IPA is Dead series was to showcase a different hop from different parts of the world and put each single hopped beer on the same malt backbone. This made a four beer series for the IPA is Dead series.

The outcome of the IPA is Dead series was mixed. Overall it felt like either BrewDog didn’t choose the right hops for the series, or the malt they used wasn’t the right universal backbone for all of them. Single hop beers can often go good or bad; most beers use a variety of different hops to bring out different flavours in the beer because most hops have strengths and weaknesses. The hops chosen for each single hop beer in the IPA is Dead series just didn’t seem like the kind of hops that could cut it.

The other explanation is that trying to keep all four beers as a series, they used the same malt for each beer. BrewDog also brewed each beer to have the same IBU.

So, rather than trying to formulate a proper recipe for each hop, the IPA is Dead series pigeon holed itself into not being able to adapt itself for a specific hop.

All that being said, the beers were still pretty good. Here’s the rundown of the BrewDog IPA is Dead series.

BrewDog Dana

Dana IPA is DeadThe Dana hops just simply wasn’t able to get through the malt on this one and the beer ended up not showcasing the hop enough. While this beer is 75 IBUs, just like the rest of the series, it didn’t feel like a bitter beer. BrewDog wanted to showcase a European hop in their series, but perhaps the Dana wasn’t the right European hop to choose, especially since there are just so many more to choose from! Overall rating 5.25/10

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BrewDog El Dorado

El Dorado IPA is DeadThe El Dorado hops didn’t work well with the choice of malt, and, as a single hop, this beer probably would have done better with a different grain bill. It feels like the hops just can’t compete with the amount of malt and the beer was left feeling a bit thick. However, the aroma on this beer is pretty fun and the hop is shown off well, which is the ultimate point of the single hop experiment. Overall rating 6.56/10. 

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BrewDog Goldings

Goldings IPA is DeadProbably the best of the IPA is Dead series, the Goldings worked well with the chosen malt. However, it’s still probably not the best choice of hop to try and showcase as a single hop. As the whole series is built on a pretty malty base, pushing through this malt was a reoccurring problem with the series. In this case however, the hops managed to thin the beer out enough to make it easy enough to drink. Overall rating 6.94/10

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BrewDog Waimea

Waimea IPA is DeadOf all the beers in the IPA is Dead series, the Waimea hops probably worked best as a hop to show off in a single hopped beer. Waimea is a good hop so it worked to be showcased. This beer would have worked a whole lot better had the hop been allowed to come out a little bit more; either increase the hop a little bit or cut down on the malt somewhat. Overall rating 6.63/10

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