Name: Mornington Peninsula Brown

Style: Brown Ale

Country: Australia

ABV: 5.0 %

Beer description: Oh brown ales!  A good brown ale can often be just right: a porter or stout may be too heavy, but you want a little malt and quite a bit of body.  Go for a brown ale.  Browns can often have the best of both worlds and there’s a lot breweries can do with them.

Mornington Pensinsula Brewery often takes a traditional, measured approach to their beers, and this usual approach is found here. Mornington usually makes some very good beers, as long as you’re not expecting something unusual or different: they make beers carefully and to style, and it’s refreshing.

Morning Peninsula Brewery set out to make a traditional English brown ale and they’ve really accomplished it.

A sweet maltiness full of raisins comes through in the first sniffs, with a bit of toffee and molasses for good measure as well.  There’s not a lot of aroma hops here, but there’s a mild spiciness, maybe cinnamon, about the aroma that compliments everything well.  It reminds me of a crumble my mother once made – I’m sure there were raisins and cinnamon in it – and with the malt, well…

The taste offers hints of coffee and chocolate, with an all around nuttiness that’s quite welcome.  The toffee continues a little bit as well, but it’s a little more well hidden.

There’s not a lot of bitterness, after all, it is a more traditional style, but the hint of bitterness at the back is quite nice and an interesting twist on fairly malty and traditional beer.  It gives the beer a nice earthy quality that goes well with the general nut flavours throughout the beer.

Refreshingly, while this beer has a lot of body, it’s relatively dry; the brewers have obviously avoided anything to sweeten up this beer.  All of this just adds to the traditional feel of this beer.

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