Wow, it’s been a busy weekend continually getting back up to date, the big thing was getting a new home brew tool up and running!

Awesome new online home brew tool

As mentioned in our last post, we wanted to learn some “internet stuff.” So, after too many hours to count, and a few great beers, a really cool ABV calculator was made. It’s a one stop to calculate to calculate not only the alcohol content of your home brew, but also works out other fun stuff like Plato, attenuation, and even calories per bottle!

If you’re extremely keen, the page also thoroughly runs through how to do the calculations yourself.

Researching all of those formulas was actually really interesting all of those formulas, how they work, and why.

This won’t be our first online home brew tool. Expect more calculators and more general knowledge. Slowly but surely.

The ABV calculator home brew tool is the first part of the How to Home Brew section. Obviously one page does not a section make, but it’s a start.

And a new home brew recipe

The pilsner that has been bottle conditioning is finally finished, and it turned out pretty well! So we’ve gone ahead and posted the first version of our Kaku Pilsner home brew recipe. We’ll get around to giving a proper run down of that beer in a later post, but, as mentioned, it turned out pretty well.

All in all, it’s about where a pilsner needs to be with plenty of floral. On that, though, it has a little bit too much body for a pilsner but that can be fixed in later versions of the recipe.

That’s all part of making recipes though! While the first one turned out pretty good, we’re always striving for perfection. We’ll find that perfect pilsner one day.

And that gives us three recipes for our Home Brew Recipes section. We have an almost OK coffee porter in the wings but the recipe needs one more trial before it’s published. Unfortunately, due to personal schedules, we won’t have time to do the trial batch for awhile. But that will come in time.

Anyway, that will be the last “post about posting.” Normal posting coming up…