What are we drinking this month?

Each month we’ll highlight what we’re liking with a quick rundown about why. There’s nothing really special here, it’s just what we happen to be drinking. It might be old, it might be new, it might be hard to get, it might be easy.

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Morninton Peninsula Brewery Mosaic IPA

Beer of the Month – October 2016

Photo from Mornington Peninsula Brewery Website

Mornington Peninsula Brewery came about in 2010 brewing classic, reliable styles of beer. The brewery has always made some really good traditional styles. As mentioned, they’re reliable. Slowly but surely, the brewery has branched out into more interesting styles of beer. They’ve done this progression well, as the brewery has managed to stay true to their classic style, while slowly expanding their offering and becoming an interesting brewery along the way.

Mosaic hops are quickly becoming the new trend these days, and why not, it’s a great hop. It seems that the era of Citra is over, maybe it’s because it’s been so popular for so long, or maybe because it’s just a bit hard to get. It’s Mosaic time!

Mornington Peninsula weren’t the first ones to do a Mosaic single hop IPA, and they probably won’t be the last. This is a very versatile hop, with a depth of flavour usually only found with complex combinations of other hops. Mosaic is a hop that really lends itself to going into a single hop beer.

Mornington Pensinsula Brewery’s Mosaic IPA was originally released in kegs, but, according to the brewery, due to its popularity, they decided to make it the seventh release of their #tinnage series. The #tinnage series is aimed at craft beer lovers and offered in limited releases at the brewery or at select venues. We were lucky to find this one!

While we did mention that the brewery weren’t the first to use Mosaic in a single hop, according to the Crafty Pint, in their original release of this beer in 2013, Mornington were one of the first in Australia to get Mosaic hops.

What’s the beer like?

At 5.9% ABV, this is a good sized IPA; not too strong, not too light. For those who clicked through to the Crafty Pint news from 2013, you’ll note that this new iteration of the beer is slightly stronger by 0.4%. As the original release is no longer available, we couldn’t draw any other comparisons though!

What we do know though is that Mornington’s take on a Mosaic IPA really shows how much of a chameleon this hop is.  While something like Founders Mosaic Promise manages to push the berries, citrus, and bitterness of this hop, Mornington Peninsula Brewery manages to be a little bit different. Mornington do manage to bring out the some citrus in form of oranges and apricots, but also draw some peach and other stone fruit flavours as well. Other more subtle elements of Mornington Peninsula Brewery’s Mosaic IPA is the general fruit salad element that Mosaic can bring out in a surprising way.

The choice of malt here also worked really well. Being an American hop, obviously this single hop IPA is going to be of the American style. However, American doesn’t need to be too dry and too bitter. Mornington allowed for a little bit of sweetness here and some lovely caramel flavours to come through. Once again, this is Mornington Peninsula Brewery ensuring they make beer that is going to be enjoyed, rather than something challenging yet interesting.

That being said though, a Mosaic single hop beer isn’t for a novice though. The brewery makes the point that the #tinnage series is aimed at “knowledgeable craft beer lovers.” Of course that doesn’t mean that those with less knowledge aren’t allowed to drink these beers though! It’s just that, given the complexity and subtly of flavours, they are best enjoyed with a little bit of thought and consideration. And that, we assume, is why they’ve reserved Mosaic for this series.

We’ll end with a video

Whenever we write any beer review or Beer of the Month, we not only drink the beer but also get any other information we can; whether this be from other reviews, the brewery, or anything like that. Part of poking around, we found a silly little promotional video from Mornington Peninsula Brewery. We’ll leave you with that:

But seriously, this is a tasty beer. Get your hands on it while you still can.