kegThere’s lots of good reasons to drink beer, but beer is often seen as a cheap drink, a drink just to poor down your throat and get you drunk.  At least, that’s what we were all taught in school…

So yes, getting a little bit tipsy is one good reason to drink beer, but with so many great craft beers out there, there’s many more reasons to drink beer, especially a tasty micro brew.  Macro brewed beers serve a purpose, yes, but a good, well crafted micro brewed or craft beer has a thoughtfulness to it that simply can’t compare.

So here’s ten reasons to drink craft beer!

  1. It’s tasty!  There’s something good in every beer, and there’s  a beer for every occasion.  Sit down, relax, and really taste the beer.  Grab a different beer and do the same thing.  You’ll notice they’re two entirely different experiences.
  2. It doesn’t go down too fast.  A good beer can be savored, it’s easy to sit on for awhile and really enjoy.  Beer is served in large enough portions that it makes the ideal accompaniment to any meal.
  3. It doesn’t go down too slow.  A well paced beer goes down fast enough to make you want another one.
  4. Because it’s better than wine.  Wine has had it good for too long as the classy drink of choice.  Craft beers are a classy drink and they’re better.
  5. Beer drinkers are friendly. Beer is a very social drink enjoyed by all.  If you’re drinking a beer you already have something in common with other people drinking beer!  Beer drinkers realise this and are happy to have a chat about this coincidence.
  6. It’s simple. Basically, beer comes down to water, barley, and hops, and that’s it! Three simple ingredients, with some yeast added, create a magical liquid full of happiness.
  7. It’s complex and modifiable. The three simple ingredients have a lot under the surface to be appreciated. These ingredients can be added to form a world of possibilities. Beer is limitless.
  8. It’s the great equaliser. Everyone can enjoy beer. It’s easily the most accessible beverage out there. If you’re going to be drinking the best beverage, make it a good best beverage and make it something crafty.
  9. It’s good for bonding. An extension of Number 8, it’s the go to beverage for bonding. Everybody says “hey, let’s grab a beer after work!” And, as with Numbers 2 and 3, it’s the perfect pace for sitting down and talking to someone.
  10. Because you have to drink something. And that something should be a beer. 

And that’s why people should be drinking more craft beer.

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