Brew In Review: Review: Double Take Brewing – Amber Ale

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Review: Double Take Brewing – Amber Ale

A friend brought over a 6-pack of these the other night.Coincidentallyit appears that, like Four in Hand, Double Take is another “brewery” by Winery Exchange and contract brewed in New York by Genesee.

While by no means a “head snapper”, there are some good things to be found with Double Take’s Amber Ale. Double Take pours with a very fluffy head, that is as light and soft as a head on aGuinness. Color is a clear amber with a large amount of carbonation activity. There’s a pretty decent hop nose, especially for an amber. The Cascade hops really shine in these beer, making it a bit more hop heavy than most Amber Ales. The malts in Double Take have a biscuit, bread, caramel taste. The mouth feel is a bit watery which is an odd pairing with the overly foamy head and heavy carbonation. Just like Four in Hand, Double Take proves to be an affordable, drinkable, middle of the road beer.

5.1% ABV 30 IBU

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