Brew In Review: Review: Fort George 1811 Lager vs. Budweiser Limited Edition Cans

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Review: Fort George 1811 Lager vs. Budweiser Limited Edition Cans

Fort George 1811 Lager

Budweiser Limited Edition Tallboy Cans
Appearance of Cans

Fort George’s can is a pretty pale blue color and the history of Astoria, OR detailed.
It’s an American Flag. I think its illegal to vote against the flag.
Appearance in the glass Nice golden color Looks too much like urine. Plus, I know this is the color my urine will be after drinking this beer.

Taste from the glass Malty with bold flavors. A full-flavored lager. Tastes like Water compared to Fort George
Taste from the can

Same as from the glass. See above.

Much better than from a glass, but still can’t hold up against Fort George.

A surprise win. With slightly lower carbonation, this beer is easier to take down quickly.
I’ve chugged a Bud before, but I now know Fort George is a better choice.
Ease of hitting with a 22gauge when using the can for target practice

The goal is to practice so don’t you want to aim for something harder to see? This baby blue may blend in more than the bright contrasting colors on the Budweiser can.
Easy to see and what better way to show pride in your right to bear arms by shooting at an American flag
Creek’s preference.

I provided Creek with a sip of each and then held the glasses side by side and let him choose which to drink from.
Creek went straight for Fort George.

To be fair, Creek has had Budweiser a few times before. We all know Creek has an affinity for new things, it just usually comes in the form of chewing holes in my new clothes.
Barack Obama’s Pick

Under the Obama administration, H.R.1236 – Small Brewer Reinvestment and Expanding Workforce Act has been introduced. A win for small brewers and small business.
He is a sports fan. Budweiser and sports go hand in hand.
Sarah Palin’s Pick

The can has the history of a small American town.

There is an American flag on the can.
More likely to put you in a drunken stupor Same ABV roughly as Budweiser, but it might just get the job done.

There is a reason why bums in my neighborhood get a bottle of Taka and a can of Budweiser. Its hard to get fall down drunk from just Budweiser so you might as well mix it with rubbing alcohol sold under a Vodka label.
When you show up to a house party with a cooler full of beer – which beer should you have inside to make the best impression?

You run the risk of people thinking you pulled a fast one on them and managed to find something cheaper than Budweiser (like Trader Joe’s Simpler Times), but a few sips and they’ll surely be swayed. Now, if you bring this to a party anywhere on the Oregon coast, you will make quite the right impression.
John and I brought a cooler of these to a wedding pre-party. One person said it was the highlight of their day.

Fort George 1811 Lager wins 6-3

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