Brew In Review: Review: MacTarnahan’s (Pyramid) – Full Bloom Lager

Monday, May 30, 2011

Review: MacTarnahan’s (Pyramid) – Full Bloom Lager

Looks like its time to get some MacTarnahan’s glasses.

It was quite the disappointment when Pyramid bought out Portland Brewing (what is now MacTarnahan’s Brewing) several years back, and even more disappointing when they began to cease brewing all Portland Brewing beers save for the namesake MacTarnahan’s. Then Pyramid was bought out by Magic Hat Brewing. And well about this time last year North American Breweries purchased them. Since the buy-out by Magic Hat, I’ve been noticing a positive shift for both Pyramid and MacTarnahan’s. There seemsto be separation among Pyramid and Mac’s, more production under the Mac’s name, and a greater variety of beers being producednamely by Pyramid. It appears that these trends are here to stay.

Yesterday John and I stopped by Pyramidin Berkeley, CAfor some beers and a snack. We both had Full Bloom andenjoyed it so much that we had our growler filled with it before we left. At a little over $8 for 64oz of good beer at 6.3% ABVits a very good deal. A side note about getting growlers filled at Pyramid – their growlers have plastic caps and are never air tight. I recommend swapping them out for metal caps. Full Bloom is a pilsner style lager with a slight hop bite. A perfect beer to enjoy outside on an early summer day.

Full Bloom is listed as a MacTarnahan’s Brewing beer and not a Pyramid beer. Sadly, a search for where to find MacTarnahan’s beer on their website yielded no results within 100 miles. I will be adding Full Bloom to my list of beers to stock up on when I’m in Oregon next month.


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