Name: Rogue Dead Guy

Style: Ale

Country: U.S.A.

ABV: 6.5%

Beer description: First of all, the beer style listed here is an ale: the brewery refers to it as the Dead Guy Ale, but also lists its style as a German Maibock which is a lager style.  However, after a tiny bit of research, the yeast used (Pacman) is listed as an ale yeast, not a lager yeast.  So, while made in the Maibock style, this one is going to stay as a straight ale due to technicalities.

Technicalities aside, this beer smelled great!  The big smell that comes out is apple and lots of florals.  With some malt in the background, as well as little with of cinnamon and tiny bit of vanilla, it really gives the beer and apple pie feel.  This continues through in the taste, but the cinnamon turns spicier.  There’s a sweet side to this beer, but it’s not really noticeable, and it really wouldn’t be called a “sweet” beer.  Similar with the bitterness, although it does start to build up overtime and starts to take over.

On this, it almost becomes a completely different beer half way through due to the hop bitterness.  After awhile, it’s apparent that the beer is actually a lot heavier than it originally seemed.  There was a lot of malt packed in there…

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