Name: Rogue Mocha Porter

Style: Porter

Country: U.S.A.

ABV: 5.3%

Beer description: Rogue comes to us from Portland in Oregon and is one of the more famous craft breweries of the united states and the world. Their commitment to quality and craft beer is second to none. Rogue continues to experiment while always having enough tradition about them to show that they really know what they’re doing.

Rogue’s Mocha Porter pours with a smaller amount of head than expected, but it pours dark and nicely. While the head could be a bit more vibrant, it sticks well to the side of the glass as it settles. On first impressions, it looks like they got the body spot on.

The aroma of this beer is full of slightly burnt chocolate and hints of coffee. While it’s a malty smelling beer, it’s not a sweet smelling chocolate. As mentioned, it’s a burnt chocolate, even a slightly bitter or cooking chocolate. With this is a little bit of smoke that compliments the other chocolate and coffee perfectly. Amongst the more dominant smells is the hint of american style hops, especially typical of beers from the Pacific North West (and the rest of the American beers for that matter).

The coffee and burnt chocolate continue in the taste; the smokiness takes a back seat until the end of the palate. There is indeed quite a bit of coffee in the taste. With a name like mocha porter, this isn’t a surprise – mocha is quite obviously referring to the coffee style. The beer is also a bit on the sweet side.

While not a bitter beer, it’s certainly well hopped. Porters are usually very malty without really any obvious hops to them. This one hover has a fairly distinct bitterness and other hop flavours, particularly the floral.

This is a great beer pure and simple. There’s nothing big or different about it, but it’s well balanced and simply an enjoyable drink.

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Editor’s note – the style name porter is an interesting one, and there’s quite a bit of history to it. We did the research to learn all about the history of the name porter.