Brew In Review: Store Review: San Francisco Brewcraft – San Francisco, CA

Friday, May 27, 2011

Store Review: San Francisco Brewcraft – San Francisco, CA

I went here once before starting the blog and vowed never to return again. I figured for the sake of the blog, I would go once more to give them a current review. Plus, I needed a new vial of yeast for the 4th of July Red Ale that I’ve been talking about brewing for over a month and even made a yeast starter for a couple of weeks ago. Well that yeast starter sat on the counter for a week and then in the fridge for another week and since there is no room for error at this point, it seemed best to get new yeast.

So why did I not like this homebrewing store the first time I went? It was dirty. I don’t have a problem with a little dust and grime in stores, especiallywith the understandingthat homebrewing products generate mess – grain dust and sticky malt goo comes to mind. I do have a problem with stores that are poorly organized/labeled, haven’t bothered to ever wipe down a surface,and items are pretty much shoved somewhere. I will admit, I like the concept of the grain buckets being the center piece of the store. Also, the way I was treatedwhen I walkedinto this store on my first visit, led me to pretty much turn around and walk back out the door. So yes, my first visit is hard to fairly review, when I did not even complete a full lap of the store.

So yesterday, I went into the store and managed to do somewhat more perusing. There was a fair selection of equipment and ingredients. Maybe though my dislike of the store is not them, but me. My brewing style doesn’t involve me walking into a store with a firm list of the ingredients needed which I think may be the type of person this store caters to. I prefer tolook around forstores for inspiration on what to make. I feel if this were my only local homebrew store, I’d be forced to do a lot of online ordering because their selection of ingredients seems limited. As seen by how much last minutescrambling is involved in my homebrewing, purchasing ingredients online involves a bit more forethought that I can generally muster hence why I prefer stores with a wide variety of items.In terms of what I went in looking for, Iended updisappointed in the yeast selection. They carried packets of dry yeast (not my personal preference) and White Labs liquid yeast. I had to change up what John and I originally intended to use in the Red Ale based upon what they had available. Looks like we’re brewing with Irish yeast now. Price of the yeast I bought was average (which is more than fair for a store located in SF).

Despite an office I work at frequentlybeing just down the street from this store, I really don’t see myself going back again.


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