We’ve written about Untappd a few times. We generally love it for logging our beers and just generally keeping track of beers. It’s great. It’s a lot of fun. As long as all the drinking is responsible, a little bit of competition gets thrown into the mix and one gets to compete with friends on all the new weird and wonderful they’re trying. There’s nothing wrong with some healthy competition between friends.

And then there’s the random people that we connect with on Untappd. We’ve already written about Matt’s love of the Untappd check in. Matt’s addicted to celebrating everybody’s drink, where ever they may be in the world, it’s like Matt is next to you saying “cheers mate, way to have a beer!” But we also have plenty of people we don’t know who do the same.

Most of the crew have the same connection, Mike, who is sure enough to toast any new check in. Mike lives in another time zone, so very often the toast will come hours after the initial check in, but it’s a toast nonetheless. Mike is the drinking buddy we have that we’ve never actually had a drink with. Mike, cheers to you. We owe you a beer when/if we ever actually meet in real life.

But that’s the beauty of Untappd. Unlike so many other social networks out there that are anything but, Untappd has started numerous friendships at even more drinking establishments. Logging into Untappd and checking in a tasty craft beverage, we’ve trained ourselves to also dutifully check in the venue (more badges!). Checking out the venue shows anybody in the same place drinking the same beer as you.

That guy over there is drinking the same IPA as me and he’s loving it as well? Better go congratulate him on his good taste, have a couple more beers and have a bicker over the merits or faults of Pride of Ringwood. Or whether it’s great that sours are in style. Or just make a new friend.

Not many social networks can do that.

To this day, we’re unsure if any romances have budded through Untappd. But we wouldn’t be surprised if they had.

As with making new friends, it’s not unimaginable that two people could bond over a mutual love of craft beer. After all, good couples need common interests, and craft beer is a great hobby. Maybe it’s a slight, but good natured disagreement on lagers and whether one party feels there should be more of the style in the craft beer scene. Maybe one of you likes maltier beers while the other one prefers things a little more hop forward. Get past those things and find love!

Having a pint is an inherently social thing. Often social media makes us a little less social. While Untappd can do that, it can often do the opposite. It brings all of us crazy craft beer drinkers together. Together to bond over that thing we love. Tasty beer.

So remember to look up once in awhile. Take a look at who else is around you and say “hi.”

If you have any Untappd stories. Feel free to share.