cropped-brew-in-review-cap-155x155pxWell, it’s 2015!

2014 was a good year for beer and a good year for Brew in Review. 2014 was our first year, so we don’t have much to compare to, but let’s go through some of the highlights.

The Big Trip: Travel to Portland, Oregon and Hawaii

DSC_0059In June, we went to Portland for two days and managed to try a lot of beers: 55 beers in total; more than one per hour.

It was a great trip, and, while we only hit six drinking establishments, they were all great. Had time allowed, we would have tried more beers at more breweries, but alas, there were other adventures to go on! All that means is we’ll have to return to Portland again in the future and continue the tour.

Check out the full write up of Portland, Oregon.

In the same trip, we also went to Hawaii. This was less of a beer drinking trip and more of a beach holiday. But, that didn’t stop us from trying some Hawaiian craft beer. Read about Hawaiian beer.

The Beer Reviews

Bridge Road Brewers/Nøgne ø Aurora Borealis IIIn 2014, we managed to review 61 different beers. There wasn’t any method to the madness. Basically, if one of the Brew in Review crew felt like writing a review about a beer they liked, a review was written!

This was a great to try new beers and this gave an excuse to seek out new beers. What this also meant though was that we didn’t really try anything that was bad… Most beers received a score of 7/10 or better! So we were lucky to have had some really good craft beer.

Brew in Review was really started in order to try new beers and record the experiences of those beers, so it’s been fun drinking and writing about all the great beers!

Right now, our favourite beers are just in our top beers section, but once we get some reviews in for 2015, we’ll split them into sections.

Conversion Beers

In 2014, we were also lucky enough to get some great contributions from other craft beer drinkers on what got them into drinking craft beer. We called these stories “Conversion Beers.” This series is far from over and there are already a couple more being written for 2015. We also welcome submissions, so feel free to contact us.

These were really fun to read and learn about why other craft beer drinkers got into beer. Take a look at conversion beers here.

And onto 2015!

Well, that’s what we liked about 2014.

Of course there was plenty more but that’s what we liked. In 2015, expect some more beer adventures, more beer reviews, and just general musings on beer. We also strive to post more beer related content on our Facebook page – not just Brew in Review stuff, but anything we can find! Be sure to like us there!

Anyway, have a great 2015 and be sure to try some great craft beer.