This is a single batch of dark ale...

This is a single batch of dark ale…

At home, I typically like to stick with homebrew, that is, when I’m not drinking something to write a review.

I’m an avid homebrewer (and also keep track of everything over at We Make Homebrew with Mikey from Beer With Mikey). I would imagine a lot of beer nuts like myself are into the homebrew as well… It’s a great hobby, it allows for some good bonding with friends and significant others, and, most importantly, and ensures there’s always a good supply of beer at home!

For me, getting pleasure out of beer comes from drinking it in a variety of ways:

  • Thoughtfully considering the beer and trying to get the most out of it.
  • Knocking back quite a few and relaxing.
  • Having a beer or two with friends.
Where to even start with this plunder from Bridge Road?

Where to even start with this plunder from Bridge Road?

The first point is why I started writing beer reviews in the first place. I’m putting a lot of effort into considering the beer, so I figured I may as well write it down! Of course this becomes at bit of a chore sometimes; sometimes one just wants to sit down and enjoy.

So at home, if I’m knocking back a few while sitting on the couch, homebrew is the way to go. Even right now as I write this, I’m sipping on an Imperial Red Ale that I brewed myself.

When I go out, of course it’s tasty craft beer, and (forgive the blasphemy) the occasional wine.

But why homebrew at home and not just find a nice session beer to enjoy at home?

Firstly, as mentioned, homebrew is a great hobby, and the consequence of this hobby is a lot of beer. This beer needs to be drunk. While I’m not going to say that my homebrew is on par with any of my absolute favourite beers, it’s still pretty damn good. So why would I go out and buy a six pack of something?

Secondly, I have trouble with commitment. I love trying new beers as well as revisiting old beers, but it’s easy to become overburdened with choice! At the bottle shop, committing to a whole six pack for home drinking is too hard. Getting a mixed six pack becomes an even bigger challenge once it’s home. With only one of each, I then feel compelled to seriously think about the beer and, if I’m having a few, compare the differences between each one.

So, I come back to homebrew.

What does everyone else drink at home? And why?