Name: Young Henry’s Hop Ale

Style: English IPA

Country: Australia

ABV: 6%

Beer description: Being and English IPA, it’s a lot more laid back than what many people have come to expect in an IPA.  The aroma is relatively mild with zesty citrus smells with hints of caramel and biscuit.  Once it warms up, flower and bitterness smells come through as well.

In the taste, fruit comes out as well as a little bit of sweetness that counteracts the mild bitterness.  As mentioned, it’s an English IPA so it’s a pretty laid back beer.  In typical IPA style though, the bitterness sits nicely at the back of the throat making the beer more interesting with time.

It’s a refreshing beer overall with a lot packed into it, but no big flavours.  The flavours are packed in tight but not really let loose, which is a good thing; it almost adds tension to the beer.  It’s a nice package that remains unopened even when swallowed.

With that, while refreshing, the beer does become surprisingly heavy.  There’s tons of malt in there, and, since it’s packed in there, it’s not terribly noticeable until you’re half way through, at which point it’s a little late and you’ve realised it’s been drunk too fast!

Take this beer slow, even if tempted to go a bit faster.

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