About Us

About Us

The team behind Brew in Review numbers in the hundreds, if you count people who help with drafts, ideas, and hangers on.

But why do we do what we do?  Well, we’re really into beer, especially craft beer.  All beer is pretty tasty and this is a place to appreciate it and discuss it.  We’re also into home brew, because it’s fun and an opportunity to learn more about beer.

Anyway, here are some of the main offenders.


Chas came at craft beer slowly but surely, but made a decision to never look back after tasting a 2Brothers Growler American Brown Ale.  This followed with a love of craft of beer making and he can regularly be found brewing his own beer or also guest blogging at the Portsea Kitchen when they need some beer related material.

Other than beer, Chas’ hobbies include plaid shirts and beards.




Matt’s originally from Leeds in the UK, so it’s no wonder he’s into beer!  Matt got into writing with his other project, Big Thing Chasers as he searched for Big Things across Australia.  This project is pretty much done (unless he visits more Big Things), but for now he’s concentrating on checking out the great pubs of Australia and the world.

Matt is also into “football” (AKA soccer) and generally winding people up for the hell of it.



Adrienne joins us from the Portsea Kitchen and is our go to person for food.  It’s mostly her recipes (borrowed from her website) that we present here as “Beer Food.”  Adrienne is still learning about beer, and she’s having a great time doing so!  She finally got hooked after trying her first porter (or dessert beer as she calls it), and found a love of the maltier side of things.

When not cooking or learning about beer, Adrienne likes to think about what she’ll be cooking when she is!  She also pursues writing creative non-fiction.

The Beer Muse:

The Beer Muse is the official taste tester of all of our home brew recipes as well as brewing assistant. She likes all types of beers and has serious beer cred due to her extensive travels and trying of new beers. The Beer Muse’s strengths do not lie in the critical review of beer, because she loves everything. However, The Beer Muse would never say no to a sour, or something darker.

The Beer Muse is also our official editor and photographer. It’s thanks to her that this website is looking good and also has minimal typos. It’s usually pretty easy to tell if she hasn’t had a read of a new article!

The Beer Muse is also into painting and anything involving Morrissey and/or David Bowie.