About Brew in Review

Hi! Just to briefly introduce myself, I’m Matt and I founded Brew in Review. I have to say that beer, and more recently wine, is an absolute passion of mine and I love writing about it and sharing it with the world.

I was first introduced into the wonderful world of beer in college (go figure) and have been expanding my knowledge ever since. My first love was home brewing beer, and that opened me up to a whole new community of people locally and around the world that I was able to learn from and sharpen my craft.

After regularly brewing my own beer at home and attending more beer festivals and beer tastings than I can remember, I decide to make the leap and try to make beer somewhat of a full-time thing more than a part-time hobby.

I’m lucky enough to say that I love my job, and writing about beer and sharing my knowledge with you all is incredibly important to me. I started this blog as somewhat of a passion project and I hope to grow it as big as I can! (I’ll need your help)

I love hearing from you guys, so don’t be shy, and please reach out to me on the contact page at any time!

Thanks for visiting us,



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