Best Moonshine Still Kits: Top 5 Compared

Homebrewing your own alcohol can be an extremely rewarding hobby, but finding the right equipment for a good price can be a challenge. Whether you want to make your own whiskey to impress your friends or learn how to make moonshine at home for yourself, most people struggle with where to start. There are so many options out there at so many different price points that it can be difficult to navigate and you may just give up before you begin. Well, we would hate to see that happen, so we went ahead and did all the research you’d ever need to do for you!

Owning your own moonshine still doesn’t have to be expensive OR complicated, and the freedom to make your own alcohol for yourself or guests is not just a lot of fun, but can certainly save you a few dollars as well. After you have gone through this guide you will have no doubt what the best moonshine still kit is for your personal needs and be confident that you are going to own a quality still that will produce high-quality batches for years to come.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

If you don’t have time to go through the whole guide, our top pick is the OLizee 8-Gallon Stainless Steel Moonshine Still. You can’t beat the 1-year warranty and customers find it extremely easy to use, clean and make great tasting alcohol or wine. If you’re in a hurry, this is your moonshine still kit.

What to Consider Before Purchasing

Because there are so many different ways to distill alcohol, there are naturally going to be a variety of moonshine kits made from different materials like stainless steel or copper, kits which contain different capacities for large or small batch distilling, as well as stovetop stills and stills made for the outdoors.

best moonshine still kit

You need to decide not just what you’re budget is, but where you will be doing your distilling and alcohol making. Don’t worry though, we have a home still kit for every price range and distilling location!

KMM 5-Gallon Stainless Steel Moonshine & Alcohol Still

Like any of the home distillers on our list, this moonshine kit can be used for distilling fruit wine, distilling or purifying water, distilling alcohol, or even plant extracts for medicinal purposes.

What stands out about this particular kit is the documentation that comes along with the equipment. You’ll receive a recipe book that details the process of creating several different types of alcohol, really helping you get the most value out of your kit right out of the gate. Also included are easy to follow cleaning instructions so you can ensure that you are properly cleaning your still and extending it’s lifespan while avoiding things like build-up and rust. As an added bonus, the manufacturer includes a fermentation lock with a rubber stopper. While you could go out and pick one of these up for fairly cheap, it’s a nice touch and helps solidify our positive recommendation.

The pots are made of a high-quality, thick stainless steel that really gets the job done and you don’t need to worry about any flimsy or shoddy construction. We also like that, unlike some other lesser still kits, the copper used in the onion and worm is thick and durable. You can really tell that they didn’t cut any corners in production. When distilling, the rubber seal and gaskets on every connection fully control any leakage or steam, making sure you get the highest quality batch of moonshine possible. The built-in thermometer is great for accurately and easily control the temperature of the mash and its stainless steel composition helps it withstand higher temperatures.

Overall this is in an incredibly solid and well-rounded stovetop still that everyone seems to love and we know you will too.

OLizee 8-Gallon Stainless Steel Moonshine Still Kit with Thumper Keg

This beautifully crafted workhorse is our favorite home distiller on the list and for good reason. It’s all stainless steel construction and beautiful welding technique not only make this a great multifunction still (remember you can distill wine, water, alcohol, and plants in all of our kits), but also an incredibly appealing piece of equipment that stands on its own as a true piece of craftsmanship that you won’t mind displaying and showing off. Not to mention included in the cost is a 1-year warranty so if anything breaks or malfunctions they will replace it for your no questions asked! It’s really beautiful and checks all the boxes making it the best moonshine kit for your money.

This 8-gallon still comes with a thumper keg that is ideal for adding any fruits or flavoring to your batch. The primary function of the thumper keg is to make a stronger, cleaner finished product and it really does show in the final result. You can really get creative here and develop your signature tastes and flavors that will elevate your distilling to the next level. The manufacturer went the extra mile introducing an independent airway into the design, allowing the distillate to rise faster and deliver a higher purity to the batch. The system features both stainless steel and silicone tubing for different areas of the set up that handles different temperatures making for extremely elegant engineering.

OLizee 5-Gallon 3 Pot Moonshine Still

If you want something a little smaller, but want the quality and features of the OLizee brand, the 5-gallon version is just as solid and we highly recommend it as well. Customers love its high-quality build and compact size. Not everyone has the space or need for a large still, and if you are just looking to handle small batches for personal use, this is a great option. This still includes the same 1 year warranty as its lager cousin and features the same independent airways for higher purity ad cleaner taste.

There are a lot of reasons that we love  OLizee, but the most important being customer support. With a lot of the companies, we have dealt with (none on this list, of course), customer support is lacking and it’s hard to get in touch with people if and when something should go wrong. But that is certainly not the case with OLizee. About 9 months into owning and using one of their moonshine stills regularly, there was an issue that came up with one of the parts. Not only were they very responsive to our inquiries, but they replaced the part at no charge to us! It’s that kind of dedication to the consumer that we always look for and lands products higher up on our lists.

5-Gallon Copper Moonshine Still Kit

This copper still from Clawhammer Supply is a little different and perfect for the do-it-yourselfer that wants to keep things a little more traditional. This also makes a very unique and memorable gift for that person that likes to keep things a bit more old-school. This all copper moonshine still is going to require a little elbow grease to get up and running, but most customers love the project and find the end product all that much more rewarding. It looks great in your home, is extremely functional and is a conversation starter, to say the least. If you are looking for a weekend project and a home distiller look no further because you have found it.

It comes with everything you need to put it together and requires some soldering, but even people that have zero experience report that it is dummy proof and you can be distilling in no time. It includes step-by-step online videos to help you with assembly and the machine cut parts, which are perfectly sized and pre-drilled, come together almost effortlessly. We know it’s a little different, but the quality and durability are most definitely there and we would be remiss not to include it on our list!

3-Gallon Home Distiller Moonshine Still With Thumper Keg

This little beast is a great stovetop still that won’t break the bank while not compromising on materials and quality. This system features a full stainless steel construction with high-grade red copper piping and many users have commented on the high-quality argon weld. The argon weld is important when it comes to food and beverage production equipment and the passing of toxins into your final product. The design on this compact unit is flawless and all of the pieces fit inside the primary pot for easy tear down and storage. It’s a very pretty unit and could even be used for display purposes when not in use. The main chamber of the system also has a dual purpose of acting as a fermenter, so you can cook your mash and do your fermenting in the same pot without the need for additional equipment.

The instructions here included are very clear and easy to follow, and there are also videos online which are easy to follow as well if you are a more visual learner.
We do recommend that you also buy an induction burner, as it’s easier to control the temperature when distilling with one.

Extra Moonshine Still Accessories

Here are some additional items that you might need that can enhance your distilling experience:

Distillers Yeast

DADY, or Distillers Active Dry Yeast, is a specially selected strain of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae designed for distillers use in grain mash fermentations for ethanol. DADY will produce maximum alcohol yields under controlled temperatures.

It has been the go-to choice for distillers all over the world for 20 years. It is commonly used in the production of whiskey and light spirits. You can also use it for corn mash and fermentations using syrup. We generally recommend it for ABV productions lower than 15%.

The Distillers Workbook

Our Final Thoughts

This is the EVERYTHING you need to know guide to making moonshine, or any other alcohol for that matter, at home. This book condensed the author’s knowledge that was passed down to him over 25 years in the hills of Kentucky. It is often referred to as the “Bible of Moonshine” and we can see why. It is an incredibly extensive, thoughtful and well-written resource and is a great starting place for the beginner or reference guide for the seasoned expert.

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