Best Wine Making Books

Growing and fermenting your own grapes for wine making is a truly exhilarating and fun process. However, if you haven’t participated in the process before, you will find it to be extremely detailed and thorough. The process requires you to perfect all stages of the wine making process, so that what eventually comes out is absolutely amazing to taste.

While the best way to learn wine making at home is through practice, we believe that you will need some documented guidance to begin your journey. A step by step guide book can help you perfect the process and get the most out of your wine making experience.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

We understand that as a beginner you are currently out of ideas and want guidance on all aspects of the wine making process, from the initial guide books to the kits as well. In this article we mention the best wine making books that tell you all you need to know about the process from A to Z. Regardless of whether you are an aficionado aspiring to learn more about the wine making process or someone looking to make wine at home, you can equally benefit from this list of the best wine making books. Buy one of these following books and take your passion forward.

1. From Vines to Wines

This amazing 260 plus page book is the perfect guide for new wine makers. From Vines to Wines teaches all readers the right process for making wine at home. The book gives you guidance over all aspects of making wine, as it runs you through the process of creating the right space for the vineyard, setting up trellises and finally fermenting the grapes for the liquid delight.

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The book is authored by Jeff Cox, who is known for his two decades of experience in writing books over wine and food. He surely knows his way around a wine bottle and is always up for discussions over creating and brewing wine. This book surely is your single resource to jumping all the way from soil to cork, without making major errors in the process.


  • Written by an experienced
  • Includes all details related to the processes of brewing wine at
  • Jeff Cox has an informative and natural writing style, which is easy to follow.


  • Includes extensive details about developing a vineyard, many home creators want something limited to wine brewing

2. The Wine Maker’s Answer Book

Learning how to make wine by yourself for the first time comes with a lot of questions. The Wine Maker’s Answer Book answers all of these questions and makes it easy for interested wine makers to begin their journey towards successful wine making.

This book includes 384 pages of answers related to every question that you had in mind about wine making. Every piece of information in this book is a treasure for someone aspiring to make wine for the first time. The book is authored by Alison Crowe who is also popularly known as the Wine Wizard in his circle.


  • Written by an expert
  • Best for people looking to make their wine from scratch
  • Includes all answers


  • Answers overlap at times

3. The Home Winemaker’s Companion

The Home Winemaker’s Companion does a good job at breaking every process and equipment of the wine making process down, so that you can understand what to do in detail.

The book studies the basics of the fruit and what makes it the sweet and savory liquid that we devour in the form of wine. The author Gene Spaziani has over 40 years of experience in wine making and is surely a pro in this regard. The book also comes with 100 unique recipes, which make it even more resourceful for the home experts reading it.


  • The book helps troubleshoot common problems and gives easy solutions to them
  • Written by an expert
  • Easy to read and follow
  • Includes over 100 recipes in total


  • The problems and their solutions aren’t categorized properly

4. Techniques in Home Winemaking

With over 500 plus pages, Techniques in Home Winemaking is the book that you ran away from in your college library. However, the length only adds simple information and answers to the book, without making it any more complicated or difficult.

Each chapter contains a step-by-step guide and makes it easy for you to perfect all processes involved in the wine making journey. There is no room for any screw-ups once you read this book.


  • One of the best resources for making wine at home
  • Plenty of diverse lessons
  • Chapters are simple and easy


  • Some advanced chapters contain tricky lingo

5. Home Winemaking for Dummies

While we barely recommend any book from the ‘For Dummies’ series, we believe Home Winemaking for Dummies is surely an exception. The book covers over 180 pages and is surely the resource you need to learn about the different processes for creating wine at home.

From aging and blending to bottling, you will get to know everything there is to know for starters looking to create stellar wine at home. Tim Patterson has a passion for wine and it shows in the way he tackles the subject matter in this book. If you also typically avoid books from this series, let us assure you that this one is not to be avoided.


  • Excellent for starters
  • Simple articles at the end
  • Written by an expert


  • The series isn’t well renowned for trustable material

What to Consider When Buying Winemaking Books

There is nothing that can help you more than a winemaking guide if you are looking to make your own wine at home. Such a book will have all the details you aspire to have and will give you the direction you need. However, it is necessary that you know the features you should consider before you purchase such a book. Here we look at some of things you ought to consider before buying the best winemaking book.


The first thing you ought to look at is the detail with which the book approaches the concept. You don’t want a book that jumps into too much detail when you aren’t looking for that. All you need here is an easy step by step guide for what is required from you when it comes to brewing wine. A complicated book on the history, processes, fermentation and chemical aspects of wine would just make the entire process a lot more difficult for you.

Experience of the Author

You should also consider the experience of the author while purchasing the book. An author with no experience of writing about or making wine and food will not be able to guide you well. However, someone with quality experience in wine making and food guides will guide you better.


Finally, you should consider the price of the best wine making book you purchase. The book should be within your budget and shouldn’t break your bank. Try to shy away from a book that is too expensive to purchase.

Our Final Thoughts

We believe you are now ready to try your luck at gathering all the info you can related to wine making processes. After reading this detailed guide you will be better prepared to buy the best wine making book and to take the information from that book forward towards a totally flawless wine making process.

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